The Eastern European College Situation - This Is Trouble

The Eastern European College Situation

On my post calling about the reality of post-college graduates, Eduard wrote in with some thoughts

It’s a fantastic post with some insights into the Eastern European college system.

I’m adding my comments in between the lines.

Fucking dickhead. I was actually planning to buy his book next week. I’ll just torrent it instead.

Literally made me laugh out loud.

See my response to the whole fiasco here.

I completely agree with your thoughts on how we’ve been bred to believe that college degrees are like a voucher which you can use for the rest of your life.

I wanted to add that it’s the same for those of us from Eastern Europe. I’ve also majored in economics and I’ve even had peers and coworkers calling me an idiot because I’ve told them that there’s no point in pursuing a master’s degree.

Its important to note that almost everyone in Europe goes and gets master’s degrees. Literally every single damn girl I’ve been out with, sans one, has been pursing or planning to pursue a master’s.

That’s what free gets you. But by definition nothing is free. Read on…

I’m pretty sure you already are familiar with this, but most Eastern European millennials have a college degree. Studying abroad (in the UK, France, Denmark) has become a lot easier during the past few years, and it’s a good opportunity for them to get away from the Eastern European shit hole, and land a job at a corporation on a Western European wage.

That’s the wet dream of about 99% of Eastern European millennials.

I don’t know if wet dream even begins to describe it. It consumes them.

I haven’t seen this obsession in men quite as much (then again, I don’t date men), which may be as a result of men wanting to build something. What I mean by this is that men want to live in their home country, build a nuclear family, help build the country into something stronger and more powerful.

Whereas women just want to escape.

Like I said here, if you gave most of these women a one way flight out of their country, no questions asked – GOODBYE to the motherland.

Unfortunately, they only hustle hard to get the grades and land the degree, but they turn into slobs as soon as they land a decent job in a corporation. The job itself becomes their only focus and their sole identity. They don’t have any hobbies or interest in their further development.

Quite typical of any careers anyway. Once you’re in it, and you see the dreariness of the office, it’s hard not to sucked into the matrix.

I guess I could say college wasn’t as big of a scam for Eastern Europeans as it is for Americans. I had to pay $2.100 for my 3 years of college. That’s a big effort for a family from Eastern Europe, but it won’t haunt me into my late 40s, as it does for my fellow American millennials. The loans have already been paid off.

The other major difference with a lot of the college systems in Europe is that people live at home while they study. In America, that’s bad bad bad. Community college is for losers and those losers must be shamed.

I don’t really believe that, but it’s society’s pressures.

For example, I think my tuition for my degree was something around $7k a year, and I finished in three and a half years (quite the achievement in America, for those who don’t live here). So that’s roughly $25k total in tuition, which seems reasonable.

But add in the fact that I lived in San Diego, and all my housing and miscellaneous other expenses were easily $12-15k a year.

That adds up quick.

All in all I think I got out at about $75k – more than 35 times what Eduard paid. The currency conversion isn’t that strong.

I feel it’s worth mentioning that it’s a lot easier to support yourself in the US and Western Europe, even with the shittiest of jobs. You won’t be able to afford rent and food with the minimum wage in Eastern Europe. You can’t even land a $350/mo job without a college degree in Eastern Europe. This is also the reason why SJWs and all that crap is basically non-existent here.

This times 100.

If I sell 1 copy of Cracking OkCupid, it’s about 8% of the annual monthly take-home for someone here in Ukraine.

I’m fortunate and lucky.

Taking my last point into consideration, I’d just like to say that Sarah, Max, and Susan are just a bunch of retarded spoiled kids, the kind of which we hate here in Eastern Europe. They’ll never know how lucky they are to be born in the US.

Anyway, there’s another point I’d like to make. Where the fuck were these “amazing” Gen Xers while we were growing up, when we needed mentoring and guidance. I’m sure that Sarah, Max, and Susan could’ve used a bit of hardship early in their lives, [sarcasm]delivered in the form of Aaron Clarey’s videos and books.[/sarcasm]


I completely agree that our generation is fucked up worldwide, but that doesn’t mean that older generations get to point their finger at us and blame us for everything. We’re their spitting image, and I’m not trying to play the victim card. Most of the Gen Xers I encounter on a daily basis are just as worse as your average millennial. The only difference is a 10 year age gap.

I agree with this full-heartedly, because most of my friends are far older than me.

My best friend whom I’ve known since 14 (remember I’m now 24) is 34.

Most of my social circles in LA were with guys who are 30 or older.

Age is just a number, and so it’s fucking retarded that Gen X members think the millennials have now destroyed society with their narcism. After all, they use selfie sticks too.

TL;DR: it’s pretty much the same thing in Easter Europe. College is overrated and most degrees are worthless.

Sorry for the long rant, but I think that the “manosphere”/red pill is lacking the perspective of Eastern European natives. 🙂 I’ve been following your blog on and off for the past couple of years, but this is my first comment here.

Reading about someone else’s journey is fucking amazing. Were we to be born 10-20 years earlier we wouldn’t have had the chance to share these insights. Maybe this is the reason why the older generations are mad, haha.

Glad you read and enjoy, and very glad you commented (made today’s post easy for me!).

Not sure where in Eastern Europe you live, Eduard, but if our paths cross give me a shout and beers are on me.

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