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A Sexual Adventure Every Man Should Give His Girl

I’ve got a good one for you guys today.

As I’ve discussed roughly a million times on this blog, women love sex – the catch is that they only love sex with the right man.

And, all women have a depraved desire to have intense sexual adventures. There’s a reason 50 Shades of Grey is every girl’s wet dream.

A while ago, I came up with an idea to give a girl a pretty good sexual adventure. The best part is, it won’t break, you can go on a power trip, and she will absolutely fucking love it.

Enter the remote control vibrator sexual adventure.

It’s pretty simple: you buy a relatively cheap (but not the cheapest) remote control egg vibrator. You make your girl put this vibrator inside of her pussy. If she’s a girl who responds better to clitoral stimulation, they have those too – meaning they have a bit of a “hook” on the outside.

You make her wear this vibrator, and put on a sexy cocktail dress, panties, and heels over it.

You take her to a nice dinner and you torture her all night with the remote, which you’ve conveniently got hidden in your hand or pocket.

So when she gets out of the car, turn it on.

Make her walk from the valet stand to the table, the entire time that little egg is going to be working magic on her pussy.

Then again, right when the waiter comes up to greet you.

Again, when they bring the drinks over. And again when they take the order.

I’m sure you get my point by now.

Basically, you are controlling her entire pleasure and night, and giving her an experience that she won’t ever forget. Any normal girl is always going to remember the guy who tortured her all night at the nice restaurant with the remote control vibrator, and then ravished her until she couldn’t walk once they got home.

It’s a technique I’ve used to keep girls around in my harem and make them fall for me.

And now you can learn how to as well.

Just click here to find out.

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