Post College Graduate Reality (Because a Fellow Blogger Wouldn’t Give Me Credit)

This was originally a guest post at Aaron Clarey’s site, Captain Capitalism (original link here). Aaron has refused to give me proper credit for my writing, hence I am posting this here on my own site.

When asked if he would give me credit for my work, this was his response:


The Reality of Post College Graduates

The reality of college in today’s modern world is this: college doesn’t do a whole lot.

I’m a living and breathing example of this. In December of 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. In February of 2013, I took a job as a computer engineer. In February of 2016 (with one additional job in between), I am now a guy who makes his living off the Internet, whether it be via my blog, books, web design, or whatever else floats my boat.

I recently reactivated my personal Facebook account after several years, because I’m now living in Eastern Europe (it’s huge here). I was missing social opportunities, so despite my usual protests to engaging in any personal social media, I jumped back into the fray.

When I logged back into Facebook for the first time, what do you think I was greeted with?

Profiles of old friends who were kicking ass in life, using their degrees to their fullest potential and maximizing their college investment?


Profiles of old friends were who still meandering in the same jobs they had in college, or had become baristas after realizing that their worthless degree was not even worthless – but actually a negative return on investment for their life as a whole.

If you guessed the first option, then go back to reading your Liberal Arts textbook, I wish you the best.

For those of you who chose the second, allow me to elaborate on my story a bit.


I’m now 24 years old, and as I said, I have a degree in economics but ended up working as a computer engineer. This is the first red flag that the collegiate system in America is broken.

In what world can some 21 year old kid with a degree in economics start working on 1 million dollar+ computer systems as his first job? They say it all comes down to connections, and this was exactly the case for me. I had a great friend and mentor in high school – when I started working in a computer shop at the age of 14, he was the head salesman. We struck up a fast bond and he is still one of my best friends to this day, despite a ten year age gap.

He talked me up to his bosses at the engineering job, and I walked into the interview knowing it was mine provided I didn’t come off as a total moron.

Needless to say, I got it.

I never was asked what my degree was in. Not once, in a two hour long interview, with four panelists. The piece of paper that I had invested the last three and a half years of my life (and $100k, give or take – and I went to a public state school!) did not matter one bit.

Yet, my entire life I was indoctrinated to think that it was. I should mention that there is some truth to that – they may have not given me a shot if I didn’t have the piece of paper proving that I could take orders and listen. However, the proof is in the pudding. You don’t need a degree to start a career – but the real lesson to learn here is that you should never get a worthless degree.

To illustrate that, let’s look at a few of my other friends.


Is a very cute, now 24 year old girl. She left the original university where we started college together after a year and a half to return to her hometown, which is a big tourist hotspot. In school, she was studying Journalism and Media Studies.

In her hometown, she took a job at a large hotel as a check-in clerk. She was making $15 an hour, give or take. Five years later, she has finally finished her degree, and still works in the hotel. She now makes $22 an hour, give or take.

Despite her dreams of being a sportscaster and a writer, I can promise you that I write more on a daily basis than she likely has in the last year.


Was a good friend of mine for several years. He was a Marine Biology major, and a pretty good one at that. He had strong grades in all of the hard classes like organic chemistry, physics, etc.

Max started working at Petco during our junior year at school. At 24 years of age, after 5 years of study – he still works at Petco.


Is someone I still keep in pretty consistent touch with. She got a Sociology degree. Right after graduating, she moved back home. She then found a job that paid her about $14 an hour as a social worker. She hated it and said it was “too hard”, so she took a job at a coffee shop instead.

It was, in her words, “Less stressful and more fun.”

Now, she is engaged to be married and will tie the knot at the end of this year. Most likely, she’ll be pregnant within a year and never work another day in her life again (provided her future husband has a degree worth that provides more than a barista job).

This means that she threw away all of her parents money and their Sociology for a job making coffee.


Even those who have strong personalities are not immune to society’s shames and methods.

From a young age, it is quite clear to any young person growing up in America that you must go to college. Especially as a man – you are made to believe is the only way you can get a girl, the only way to provide, that you are far less of a man if you lack a college degree.

In reality, having a silly Liberal Arts degree in LGBT Studies makes you less of a man.

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  • Tom Arrow says:

    What an asshole. Now you linked him instead of the other way around. I suggest adding a rel=”nofollow” to the link, so Google won’t evaluate it.

  • Zelcorpion says:

    Well – he calls himself Asshole Consultant for a reason I guess. It’s not exactly illegal what he did, he was just a dick not naming you or linking to your site.

  • Grody says:

    What Aaron doesn’t reallize is that words have enormous power. Ever since he started unironically calling himself an asshole, that is what he’s become. I tried listening to his podcast a while back and couldn’t stomach it. Nothing but hateful tripe, and how he has it all figured out, and everyone else is a fucking moron. The only way I can see to reverse this personality trend of being a complete puss filled pimple is to rename the business “Truthful Consulting” Leave the asshole stuff to the neo-nazis.

  • Bullitt315 says:

    I’m not going to stop reading him or anything but I lost a bit of respect for him.

  • Damn.

    Good to know which bloggers act like douche bags though. Thanks for sharing.

    And good article. I majored in Econ as well and landed in HR/Employee Benefits. Lol.

  • Ferguson Curly says:

    Haven’t kept up with his stuff in a while but not going to bother anymore. Just an incredible lack of class. He projects you as acting like a woman but his lack of taking responsibility and bitchiness paints him in the worst light.

    Keep on keeping on man.

  • I can’t help but laugh when people who barely squeaked into Gen X by a couple years treat millennials who are 5-8 years younger as so beneath them.

    Although our generation as a whole does have a great deal of weaknesses and shortcomings. But we’re working on that.

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  • TSK says:

    They were trying to get away with plagiarism whether it was done intentionally or not. You asked nicely and he comments with an attitude. These people with such acts should be exposed. Good work!

  • Eduard says:

    Fucking dickhead. I was actually planning to buy his book next week. I’ll just torrent it instead.

    I completely agree with your thoughts on how we’ve been bred to believe that college degrees are like a voucher which you can use for the rest of your life.

    I wanted to add that it’s the same for those of us from Eastern Europe. I’ve also majored in economics and I’ve even had peers and coworkers calling me an idiot because I’ve told them that there’s no point in pursuing a master’s degree.

    I’m pretty sure you already are familiar with this, but most Eastern European millennials have a college degree. Studying abroad (in the UK, France, Denmark) has become a lot easier during the past few years, and it’s a good opportunity for them to get away from the Eastern European shit hole, and land a job at a corporation on a Western European wage.

    That’s the wet dream of about 99% of Eastern European millennials.

    Unfortunately, they only hustle hard to get the grades and land the degree, but they turn into slobs as soon as they land a decent job in a corporation. The job itself becomes their only focus and their sole identity. They don’t have any hobbies or interest in their further development.

    I guess I could say college wasn’t as big of a scam for Eastern Europeans as it is for Americans. I had to pay $2.100 for my 3 years of college. That’s a big effort for a family from Eastern Europe, but it won’t haunt me into my late 40s, as it does for my fellow American millennials. The loans have already been paid off.

    I feel it’s worth mentioning that it’s a lot easier to support yourself in the US and Western Europe, even with the shittiest of jobs. You won’t be able to afford rent and food with the minimum wage in Eastern Europe. You can’t even land a $350/mo job without a college degree in Eastern Europe. This is also the reason why SJWs and all that crap is basically non-existent here.

    Taking my last point into consideration, I’d just like to say that Sarah, Max, and Susan are just a bunch of retarded spoiled kids, the kind of which we hate here in Eastern Europe. They’ll never know how lucky they are to be born in the US.

    Anyway, there’s another point I’d like to make. Where the fuck were these “amazing” Gen Xers while we were growing up, when we needed mentoring and guidance. I’m sure that Sarah, Max, and Susan could’ve used a bit of hardship early in their lives, [sarcasm]delivered in the form of Aaron Clarey’s videos and books.[/sarcasm]

    I completely agree that our generation is fucked up worldwide, but that doesn’t mean that older generations get to point their finger at us and blame us for everything. We’re their spitting image, and I’m not trying to play the victim card. Most of the Gen Xers I encounter on a daily basis are just as worse as your average millennial. The only difference is a 10 year age gap.

    TL;DR: it’s pretty much the same thing in Easter Europe. College is overrated and most degrees are worthless.

    Sorry for the long rant, but I think that the “manosphere”/red pill is lacking the perspective of Eastern European natives. 🙂 I’ve been following your blog on and off for the past couple of years, but this is my first comment here.

    Reading about someone else’s journey is fucking amazing. Were we to be born 10-20 years earlier we wouldn’t have had the chance to share these insights. Maybe this is the reason why the older generations are mad, haha.

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      First part of your comment literally made me laugh out loud.

      Fully agree about what you said about EE. I feel horrible sometimes when I’m out with girls here. When they make an offer to pay I always refuse. My main girl here in Ukraine as upset because I paid her $2.35 cab ride home.

      Great comment overall and I’m going to use it in a future post, where I’ll elaborate a lot more. Thank you so much for commenting and I hope you continue to!

    • Simon says:

      “and it’s a good opportunity for them to get away from the Eastern European shit hole”

      And amusingly, those of us who realise how disgusting and broken our women are in the West, and how our cities are riddled with mass immigration, are eagerly flocking to your Eastern European “shit holes” to escape.

      • Was gonna say, I’ll trade any day…especially with my location independent gig 😉

      • Eduard says:

        Most of the guys I know were involved in long-term relationships and they took their girlfriends with them when they left or soon after. None of them are planning to marry in the near future, but they start building a life together.

        Regarding the immigrants, we’ve been fighting the Muslims about 1300 AD. The bad blood between us hasn’t been washed. A couple thousand of them have been impaled on multiple occasions. I dare say that by taking in the horde of immigrants, Western Europe pissed away the sacrifice Eastern Europe made to keep them at bay.

        Islam could never work in Eastern Europe. Most people are VERY conservative when it comes to their Christian beliefs. The only reason mosques are being built is because the governments are corrupt and the Muslim leaders most likely exploited this by bribing them.

        I even remember one of my elementary school teachers telling the girls from my class to NEVER marry a Muslim.

        No one here gives a shit about the waves of Muslim immigrants since they’re just passing by. It’s us, Eastern Europeans, who the West see as lesser human beings, not the Muslims. So I guess the joke’s on them. 🙂

        Regarding the standard of living in Eastern Europe: you could pretty much live as a king if you’re making $1000/mo.

    • horace template says:

      Yea, i’ve met quite a few East Euro ex-pat women coming to North America. Ambitious, career-oriented…which is admirable…but it’s somewhat unattractive. Plus, they get infected with Western-itis and sorts of that feminist shit. They are like yogurt left out in the sun…spoiled when they come to USA/Canada.

      Too bad about the Clarey thing. I guess has to live up to his asshole street cred, er online reputation as such. Meh, you learn that he’s not got your back!

      • Personally I don’t think there’s anything admirable about it.

        Leaving your homeland and traditional values to go join the poisoned values of the West.

        Then again, I’m obviously extremely biased as I wake up next to my beautiful EE girl in the mornings…

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  • wizardprang says:

    Some time ago, I read one of his books. Spotted a grammar error. Normally I don’t bother correcting stuff, but this one changed the meaning of the sentence, so I mentioned it to him.

    The reply was something along the line of “no one gives a shit about grammar”.

  • >