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Déjà Vu in Warsaw

I’m sitting here in the Warsaw International Airport, and I just can’t get over the current feeling of deja vu that I’m having.

As I was walking around the airport, I kept thinking that things looked awfully familiar.

But HOW?

I had never been here.

Or so I thought.

But then I remembered, that when I took my first trip to Europe back in 2014, Warsaw was the airport that I went through to counter my delay. Otherwise, I would have been stuck in Germany for 24 hours due to airport strikes that were going on at the time.

So rather than flying Frankfurt to Wroclaw, I flew Frankfurt to Warsaw, then on to Wroclaw.

And I remember it.

The same orange signs and lettering.

The same store that I bought my first European beer.

Saw the same restaurant that I ate at.

The same gate that I laid on while I was admittedly scared out of my mind; wondering – what the hell did I get myself into? Why did I pick this Polish city in the middle of nowhere as my first solo endeavor outside of the country?

Two years later, as I was walking by that terminal gate, I just had this incredible feeling wash over me. A wry smile. A bit of a chuckle.

I made it through that trip. It’s what really kicked things off for me. Sure, it took a year and a half to truly summon the courage to walk away from the corporate world, but that was just the start. All the fun I had in Wroclaw, the attitude of the girls, and the culture.

All of it was why I chose to come to Poland as my first stop this year. Now I’m heading to Ukraine for a couple of months, but my heart tells me that I will be returning to Poland shortly after.

(The other destination I’m considering from a long-term perspective is Budapest.)

So as I walked past that gate with that smile on my face, I asked myself: would I do anything different?

It’s been exactly two years and one month.

I’ve come a long way.

I left the first job that I hated.

Started a second job I hated.

Also went to the UK, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Colombia, Canada, and a variety of other American cities.

I grew this blog to a level it could sustain my life if needed.

Put my face out there for the world to see.

Wrote a couple more books.

Coached dozens of guys on how to be successful with women and life.

Nearly finished a 15 hour course on how to keep beautiful girls around and cherishing every second they spend with you – 6.6.16!

Stared fear and all the doubters in the face, and laughed.

And the best part is – I really feel like I’m just getting started.

What have you done in the last two years?

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