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Hello from Ukraine, gents.

Quite a different atmosphere compared to Poland – the overall layout, look, and feel of the city reminds me a bit of Chicago.

More to come on that, but a real exciting announcement today.

James from Red Pill Reviews (read my interview with him here) approached me and asked if I’d be interested in doing a sort of roundtable discussion about web design and online business. I was intrigued, so I’ve teamed up with him and Jamie McSloy to do just that.

So it’s pretty simple.

Leave a comment below, or on YouTube and Twitter, with your website link.

We’re going to pick two or three websites for the next couple of weeks and post all of our detailed feedback in a format similar to this.

Let’s get started.

  • DarkTriadMan says:


    Count me in, if I may…




  • Early stages of blogging.


    Tear it apart.

  • http://www.thecitybachelor.com

    Been working on creating a text image logo to replace the generic title font and the other steps you suggested the other day. Thanks!

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  • dcl says:

    Cool idea guys.


    (i’d get rid of the “.worpress” but I don’t know how hah)


  • ziggy1988 says:

    I run a blog focused on defense and geopolitical issues (one of my hobbies) at http://zbigniewmazurak.wordpress.com – opinions appreciated 🙂

  • Brianmark says:

    Here a Manosphere site that needs a facelift. https://xsplat.wordpress.com/ It has some good content, but horrible layout.

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