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The Reality of the Economics of the Sexual Marketplace

Have you heard of Bumble?

It’s basically Tinder, except once you match – women must message the men first. In reality, it’s an extremely flawed system. As I’ve said many times before, women are the the passive sex. Men are the chasers. The doers. This means that women don’t have an innate need to “mate”. Sure, they love sex. But for the most part, they are passive while the men pursue that avenue. They receive, not give.

Which is why Bumble is, on paper, a flawed system. It’s been absolutely useless for me when I’ve been on American soil. My friends have reported the same thing. However, something weird happened here in Poland tonight.

I fired up Bumble, and matched with a decent looking girl. She messaged me within five minutes. We traded a few questions back and forth; she was quite inquisitive. Then I took another look at her profile, and noticed that the university listed in it was, in fact, an American university. So I asked her and she confirmed – yes, she was American.

She’s a solid 7.5.

Which means that in America, she would never, ever have to put as much effort into the conversation as she did. Never. There would be so many guys blowing up her phone from so many avenues of life (social circle, online dating, nights out drinking, etc.).

So what can we conclude from that? Well, there’s a few theories…



Regardless of which one of these it is, something becomes very clear: sex is a market, and as is true in life – the markets never lie. This girl realizes that quality men are in high demand but short supply. Therefore, her attitude has automatically shifted to work for it, as opposed to doing absolutely nothing (i.e. most American cities, possible exception: New York City).

When supply is less than demand, things shift.

It was quite flattering in a way. I really have no interest in dating an American girl here in Poland, but it was interesting to see how the perspective changed.

You know how water takes the shape of the glass it’s in? Well, same applies here. This girl has now shifted her attitude, mindset, and charm to be more feminine, to take the shape of the way that the market has presented itself to her. What exactly causes that “shift” in a woman, I don’t know.

What I do know is – if I could bottle that and sell it, I’d be filthy rich.

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