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What the Hell is This 3 Date Rule?

God, I love this country.

It’s unbelievable how different thing are. Take, for instance, the three date rule. In America, it doesn’t really exist anymore. If a girl likes you on the first date, she’s probably going to fuck you. And frankly, it’s hardly worth waiting for the second date in many cases because very few of the girls in my home country are worth it (though there are exceptions to this).

In contrast, I just had a third date with a Polish girl, and I also just had sex with her for the first time.

The first date was an hour, we just had a couple of beers. She wouldn’t kiss me, but did give me a quick peck on the lips.

The second date she took me to a Polish restaurant she likes, and insisted on paying – again, wouldn’t give me much but did get a slight¬†makeout at the end of the night.

The third night she came over and cooked me some very interesting egg soup, I think the recipe had been passed along from her grandmother. It was excellent, and I’m a guy who usually doesn’t care much for eggs, preferring to just guzzle them down and avoid the taste. However, I was quite impressed – both with the recipe itself and her overall attitude.

To repay her, I took her into my room, escalated, and gave her a good pounding for the rest of the night.

It’s just so drastically different than in America, I’m amazed.

She didn’t ask, and when I offered – didn’t want my help. Just wanted me to sit back and enjoy myself.

Sure, she had a three date rule, but overall the time spent together prior to the bang wasn’t more than three hours. On top of that, she has more than enough personality to make up for it – talking to her is actually enjoyable and fun (speaks 7 languages, frankly makes me feel a bit dumb). Now, that’s not to say that’s the overall case, because there’s definitely plenty of airheads in every part of the world.

But really, I can only think of three American girls I’ve dated that truly intellectually stimulated me (here, here, and here), so the fact that it seems to be a bit more prevalent here is a good sign. Perhaps I won’t run wild, but will prefer to spend time with a quality, intelligent girl.

Only time will tell, but I will say this.

I love my new home.

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