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Get Out of a Poisonous Relationship

Have you ever felt completely trapped in a relationship?

I have.

Several times.

Perhaps you want to do everything in your power to break it off, but you just can’t. Maybe she guilt trips you and says that she’ll crash purposely into a tree on her way home.

Maybe she cries to such an extent you can’t help but pity her poor soul – so you take her back. Again.

It seems like a bottomless pit, her need for your becomes your entire life mission, which is not a healthy mission at all. Rather, a man’s mission should be something more like this.

This paragraph from Ivan Throne’s Escape Plan From The Damaged Women really resonated with me:

escape plan from the damaged women


Countless men are told something along these lines every day: “Hey man, you need to get out of your relationship with Tiffany/Ashley/Lindsey/Sparkles/Glitter/Stephani, that girl is an absolutely damaged woman. She’s going to drive you mad.”

Very rarely does that advice contain any more substance than: this is my opinion, you should do it, the end.

Ivan aimed to change that with Escape Plan From The Damaged Women. Rather than be all talk, he gives you an actionable plan to get away from the crazy girl in your life and become a free man.

(He also gave away some of this advice absolutely free on the podcast.)

While there many steps that Ivan lays out, I truly think the first one is the most important: Recognition. 

To recognize that you must get out, and yes – that you’re going to pay the price both from a time-cost perspective and a sunken financial ship – but ultimately, that it will be worth it to be free again.

Escape From The Damaged Women then takes you on the rest of the steps to ensure you have a plan of action. Far too many men plan to break it off with women, only to succumb to weakness when she hurls manipulative bullshit at him. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

Man begins to break up…

Women plants a small seed of doubt…

Man chickens out, and things get better. She promises to change. Except, it never lasts. Maybe there is a “new honeymoon” phase of a week, but after that things go back to the same, or worse. Because now she knows she can control and manipulate you with ease.

Ivan tells you to take…


Far, far too often, men are unwilling to take any accountability. After all, it’s easier to just blame women, or the damaged women in this case. This subtle shift of taking responsibility; i.e. rather than dumping it all on her, recognizing that there are problems and taking action, is what truly makes a boy a man.

Escape Plan From The Damaged Women encourages you to truly take action. To lay a concrete foundation for an escape, so that you can rise from the ashes better than you were before. Sure, it’s not easy. It’s always darkest before the dawn – but Escape Plan From The Damaged Women allows you to see the first rays of that morning dawn.

You can buy Escape Plan From The Damaged Women here.

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