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How to Kill Shame and Your Inner Demons

I’ve been asked many times, “How do you do it?” How do I put my entire story out on the Internet for the world to see? All of my struggles. All of my pain. All of my heartbreak. All the times I got kicked, and then kicked again when I was already on the ground. […]

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The Polish Puzzle

TROUBLESOME RADIO 027 THE POLISH PUZZLE AVAILABLE ON ITUNES In episode 27 of Troublesome Radio, I combine all three of these posts into one beautiful concoction; discussing Eastern Europe vs. America, the markets of men vs. women, and much more! Cultural Observations Reality of the Sexual Market Stopping Her On The Street Learn how to […]

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Online Dating Myths, Debunked

If men were getting lots of responses, going on dates, and having lots of sex – they wouldn’t be on Google looking for help with online dating. After an overwhelming amount of requests for additional information, individual profile reviews, and a more comprehensive guide; I decided to put everything that I had learned over my own years of online […]

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5 Cultural Observations: Poland vs. America

I’ve now lived in Poland for three weeks. These three weeks of been some of the best of my life, for a multitude of reasons. I’ve made some great friends, met some cool girls , and enjoyed the city immensely. While I think that three weeks is still a little too short to make too many […]

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The Reality of the Economics of the Sexual Marketplace

Have you heard of Bumble? It’s basically Tinder, except once you match – women must message the men first. In reality, it’s an extremely flawed system. As I’ve said many times before, women are the the passive sex. Men are the chasers. The doers. This means that women don’t have an innate need to “mate”. Sure, they […]

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9 Dirty Little Secrets About Nightgame

Things are different here in Poland. Instead of bars announcing last call at 1:30am like they do in California, instead last call is announced at…well, I actually have no idea. I haven’t really made it late enough to find out. I used to do a lot of nightlife in California in my “younger” years; take […]

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Women Have Zero Emotional Control

It seems I may no longer be welcome to return to Budapest. Because of this article and all of the hysterical comments that are now contained within it. This post went viral on Facebook, and was latched on to by a large group of Hungarian people (mostly women) looking to make personal, senseless attacks on […]

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