The Girl With a Perfect Week - This Is Trouble

“Guess what? I did it!”

“What exactly?”

“I had my perfect week!”

“You mean…you slept with 7 guys…in 7 days?”

“Yeah, it was pretty tiring but I’m so proud of myself!”


The above is a conversation I had with a fuck buddy of mine last year. While I structure my harems in a way that I’m not going to get jealous of something like that – at the same time, only one thing popped into my mind – “wow”.

I mean, let’s be frank – that’s pretty fucking gross.

And to be clear, I’ve had weeks like that. I’ve even written about them. But men and women are different.

Her dalliances didn’t stop me from climbing on top of her for a romp, but over the next couple of weeks I definitely felt a little…different every time I climbed aboard. To be clear, again – I wasn’t jealous. This girl knew I had other girls. I (obviously) knew she had other guys, but something just felt…weird.

I couldn’t help but think how many different dicks she had in her that week.

I should’ve ended things with her sooner, but it’s hard to complain too much about a sexy 18-year-old who came over whenever I pleased, and left within a half hour of me nutting on her. Those are the type of fuck buddy situations where I’m willing going to let a few things slide here and there.

However, the repeated bragging about her ever-rising notch count finally drove me to the point where I had to let her go, mostly because I was worried about diving into a bacterial farm that no condom would ever protect me from.

Which leads me to this phrase, coined by my friend and retired-blogger LaidNYC. He actually reached out to me a couple of months ago and said he was still following me along and to keep up the great work, so that was cool to hear. In any case, that quote was:


Girls will scoff at this, but it’s 100% true.girl with a perfect week 1000

I could have a perfect week with little-to-no-effort, but with buying girls dinner – not having sex with them. While I could have a perfect week like my former fuckbuddy did, it would take a hell of a lot more effort to do so than what she had to do. For the record, her way of “seducing” her lovers was to…

Swipe right, and then go straight to their house after a few messages.

Yeah, real tough.

Another good example I’ve used to explain these sexual dynamics to girls is this example:

“Okay, we’re in a bar right now. It’s full. Now…if you get up on the bar, and yell, “Hey, who wants to fuck me?”, you’ll have guys literally lining up to fuck you if the bouncers allow it. You’re a cute girl, you could take a dozen dicks literally in the next ten minutes if you wanted to.

Now, if I get up and do the same thing…I’m getting thrown out. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this situation. They are going to toss me in a heartbeat, and no girl is going to have sex with me if I take that route.”


Which isn’t a shocker to guys in this corner of the Internet, but it’s like speaking Chamicuro to blue pilled men. You might as well be trying to explain nuclear physics to a toddler. They’ll just look at you with a blank look on their face claim that men and women are, in fact, the same.

While it’s easy to laugh and scoff at guys like this, this is the cultural brainwashing. The sad thing is, some guy will put a ring on that the girl with a perfect week in a few years, knock her up, and buy her the world if he has the means to do so. He’ll likely never even know that at 18 years old, when this girl was the hottest she’ll ever be in her life – she was being inseminated by half a dozen different (and sometimes new) guys a week. That his beautiful, blushing bride was the greater Los Angeles area’s personal cum receptacle. That her antics as a foolish child will destroy her ability to bond with him. That his children look like mutts because there’s semen of a hundred other guys holding court on her vaginal walls.

But that guy will hold on to the girl with a perfect week.

He will cherish her.

He will provide for her and the children, until death parts them.

And he’ll be “happy” with the girl with a perfect week.


You must learn to screen women properly. Failure to do so is failure to hold yourself to the highest standards possible. If you don’t screen a woman properly, you are doomed to never know the truth. You may live in a somewhat blissful, naive world, but something will always be gnawing at your gut. The only way to screen women properly is to do it from a place of abundance. When you have options, and will walk away if she is not worthy of you.

It’s the only way to survive.

Do you want to marry the girl with a perfect week?

Do you want to be the cuck, or the cad?

The choice is yours.

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