Don't Go Out on St. Patrick's Day if You Want to Get Laid - This Is Trouble

Don’t Go Out on St. Patrick’s Day if You Want to Get Laid

I have a rule about St. Patrick’s Day, and really – any holiday that is considered a good holiday to “go out and get laid”. That rule is…

I don’t go out.

Those rules apply to the following holidays:

  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween
  • New Year’s Eve

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m a total fun suck. When I say I don’t bother going out, it doesn’t mean I won’t see friends or partake in some activity. For example, I go to BBQs and drink at the pool with my friends on 4th of July. This past Halloween I went to a football game. On New Year’s Eve I threw a party at my apartment.

But my days of going out in order to meet a hottie for the night on days like St. Patrick’s Day are long gone.

Here’s why.



Simply put, everyone in America who is stuck in a jail cell all day uses these few holidays as their one chance to break out and “let loose”. This means that the clubs and bars are flooded with people who aren’t normal nightlife fans, and the result is absurd lines, absurd prices, and an overall shit show that no experienced player wants to deal with.


Why would you want to?

Once you reach a certain point of game, you’re not getting stumbling drunk in order to find a girl to get laid. More likely, your nights are far more calculated, paced, and calm. St. Patrick’s Day throws all of that out the window.


Remember, girls care all about their reputation.

With holidays that have a reputation of being a slutty shitshow (even if it’s not true), girls are naturally even more on guard. They can’t be the one girl in a circle of friends who goes home and fucks a stranger, if the rest of them don’t. Add in the fact that girls going out alone is becoming even more rare these days, and you’ve suddenly got an even bigger obstacle to overcome to getting some pussy.


Every nerd in the country who never gets his dick wet goes out on St. Patrick’s Day in the hopes of doing some Irish car bombs and getting lucky.

He never does.

AND his bad game makes it harder for you to get laid, too. You know exactly who this guy is. He’s the guy stumbling around chugging shitty Irish whiskey, while dressed in a poor-fitted t-shirt and New Balance sneakers. he’s the guy approaching everything in sight and “hollering” at them, scaring them off (see my point above). And really, he’s approaching everybody. By the time you, as a cool and suave player, get to some girls – they’ll have been approached by so many of these drunk bozos that they genuinely don’t want to talk to any guys.

Can’t say I blame them.


I realize this post has been pretty negative, and I generally like to keep a positive mindset, so…

That doesn’t mean you have to “waste” St. Patrick’s Day. Use it to get ahead. Get some work done on a side hustle, hit the gym, or if you have a girl, spend a night at home with her. Utilize a shepherd’s pie or a corned beef with cabbage recipe.

The best part – get up early tomorrow.

Beat everyone out the door to the gym. By the time they’ve woken up and consumed more greasy food to fight off their hangover, you’ll have already accomplished a lot with your day. They’ll spend their day hungover and you’ll spend your day kicking ass.

So say no to St. Patrick’s Day.

I rarely say this, but it’s simply not worth the trouble.

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