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Somehow My Podcast Was Approved for iTunes (& Opportunity to Win Free Books & Course Access)

This is one of the coolest fucking things that has happened to me as a result of writing this blog.

And I’ve had some pretty rewarding stories from a lot of readers over the (nearly) three years I’ve been writing This Is Trouble.

So, big announcement:

Troublesome Radio is Now on ITUNES!

Apple is a little slow on updating the main image, and it’s classified as EXPLICIT, but I can live with both of those. I like the fact that Apple thinks I’m a little bit edgy, so to speak.

I’m surprised it was approved, as I’d applied to Apple way back on December 20th, and hadn’t heard a thing. I figured it was one of those, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”, kind of situations – and frankly, it probably wouldn’t have even been worth the time to try to hunt someone from Apple down.

But a few days ago I Googled “Troublesome Radio” for shits and giggles, and it popped up. Unable to believe my eyes, I clicked on it – and lo’ and behold, there it was. The only issue being that apparently Apple doesn’t like .m4a files – which is the default Soundcloud file type when you upload. As a result, I had to rip every one of my podcasts down, convert the file type, and then re-upload to Soundcloud.

And then I waited for Apple to refresh it, which apparently can take anywhere from an hour to a day.

The good news is that it’s all working.

So…let’s have a contest, because I want to get the reviews on iTunes built up.

I’m going to give away a ton of free shit if there are enough reviews.

#1: Access to my upcoming system – The Harem Handbook. This is a fully interactive course, with videos, interactive spreadsheets for tracking progress (like online dating response rates and $$ spent on dates), and all sorts of other goodies.

#2: A copy of Cracking OkCupid.

Here are the rules:

  1. You must write the review from a legitimate iTunes account.
  2. For every TEN reviews, I will give away one access code to The Harem Handbook (slated for an April release) and one copy of Cracking OkCupid. This means you have a 20% chance of getting a freebie.*
  3. This means that if I get fifty reviews, I’ll give away 5 access codes and 5 copies, up to a max of ten each.
  4. If you do not want access to THH, you can substitute it for a copy of COKC.
  5. If you do not want COKC, or already own a copy, you can substitute for a profile review or a copy of my upcoming book (March 7th) Trouble In Hungary (which includes a Tinder travel guide).
  6. After you leave your iTunes review, post a comment below stating that you have (doesn’t have to include your iTunes username, but make sure I can get in touch with you somehow).

* There must be at least ten total reviews.

And…that’s it.

20% chance of winning is pretty damn good.

(Open the following link in iTunes and click ‘Ratings and Review’.

Leave your review on iTunes by clicking here.

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