Troublesome Radio Episode 013

How To Pick Up Latinas 

Special Guest: El Conquistador of PickupSpanish.com

Today I welcome my friend and fellow troublemaker El Conquistador to Troublesome Radio. I had the pleasure of meeting up with EC in Barranquilla, Colombia last November when I took my first trip to South America. We had a great time, and his Spanish course and general knowledge helped me immensely.

In episode 13, you’ll learn…

  • El Conquistador’s path from his first trip abroad to location independent nomad
  • What countries in Latin America have the best women?
  • Teaching English abroad: salaries, perks, hours/week, etc.
  • The Spanish essentials you need to know to land in a Latin country and get your flag in a short amount of time
  • Why the “mass market” programs such as Rosetta Stone may not be the best way to learn Spanish for a short trip
  • The difference of gaming in Latin America versus the western countries
  • How to deal with safety in Latin American countries – hint: the media blows it out of proportion
  • TONS of tips on online game, daygame, and nightgame
  • How his product, Pickup Spanish, helped me get my Colombian flag within a day of landing
  • And many more insights into Latina women, culture, and tips for first-time travelers

El Conquistador wanted to give you all an exclusive offer for the week.

Use coupon code ‘TROUBLE47’ to get Pickup Spanish for $47 (usually $67). This is a killer deal for anyone looking to meet some cute Latinas while speaking their language.

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