Why You Need a Job That Scales - This Is Trouble

Why You Need a Job That Scales

My girl texted me when she got off work: “I made $1330.96 in tips today!”

“1,300 or 130 babe. There is a big difference.”


Um, wow.

This is at her waitressing job. It’s a nice place (think ~$25/entree), but it’s certainly no steakhouse overlooking the ocean where you won’t find a meal for less than $70.

It was a normal eight hour shift and she skipped lunch, so if you divide that $1,330.96 by nine and add her base hourly pay ($10 California minimum wage, I assume) on top of that, it comes to…

$157.88 an hour

Yeah, that’s not too shabby.

Now, let’s be clear on one thing: this is not the norm. She doesn’t walk out of work everyday with $1,300+ in her wallet. I really have no idea what it is on most days but I can’t imagine it’s even 10% of that $1,330. There was a major convention going on, and a lot of rich people coming in to drink wine and rack up bills.

She got a bit lucky, and she would admit it, too. She’s quite modest, you can listen to her here.

Regardless of that – she grabbed the opportunity by the horns, managing more sections than normal and doing a splendid job at it, from what it sounds like. And guess what?

She was rewarded for her performance.

And this is a large part of the reason why I walked away from my job. They paid me the exact same salary, no matter if I was an absolute superstar or spent the entire with my hands in my pants or YouTube.

Didn’t matter whether I was there for 6 hours or 18.

If I took on more work, I didn’t get more pay – in fact, at the end of the year they would have likely insulted me with a measly 2% raise.

I’ve done the calculation on that and it might as well be an extra dinner out per paycheck. Nothing noticeable. It’s insulting.

That’s what the majority of office jobs and Corporate America are all about.

I mean, look at this as an example. Food service is a job that scales better than an office job – by far.

They essentially “buy” your time for peanuts on the dollar. You have no opportunity to make more if you perform well, no opportunity to scale your money or make it work for you, and to top it all off, you’re shackled into a cubicle.

I felt like a slave. I wanted a job that scales.

If you feel the same, do something about it.

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