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What a Week: I Quit My Job, Moved Out, & Now…Eastern Europe

On my way home.

Moving in with my folks for the first time in five years; thankfully only for a few weeks to wait out the Eastern European winter. Six weeks of hard work, celibacy/pussy purgatory, and kicking ass – then it’s off on what will be the first of many adventures around the globe.

Oh, did I mention my buddy from Miami – @BrissBrass is joining me?

It’ll be a riot.

Full of trouble.

What a Week

Bachelor Travels Recap

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In preparation for my new nomadic lifestyle that I’m soon to be undertaking (quitting my corporate job and moving abroad to freelance and build various online businesses, like Bachelor Travels), I’ve been selling off some most all of my possessions.

Well today, after walking ten blocks with a thousand dollar wad of cash in my pocket, I stopped at the ATM at my local Chase Bank branch and attempted to deposit the money. Well, for one reason or another my debit card simply wasn’t working anymore.

So I walked into the branch, explained the story to the manager, and he asked to see my card. He said he’d print me out a new one right on the spot – which is definitely something I haven’t ever had done before.

This Is Trouble Recap

Tease for next week…

  • An essay about the word “Cuck”
  • Reflecting podcast the night before I gave notice at work
  • Adrafinil/Modafinil reviews and experience reports
  • Recording multiple podcasts (I’m starting to have guests on the show – let me know if you have an interest in being on Troublesome Radio)

Until next week,


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