Episode 009: Interview With The Girl Who Found My Blog

Troublesome Radio EP#9:

Interview With My Girl, Who Found My Blog, Shit Tests, & More

Yep, well…it happened again.

But this girl is cool as shit, and I’m really gonna miss her.

She agreed to come on this podcast and discuss how she found the blog, shit tests, and more.

This episode and the next one (episode #10, she is back and we’re discussing our relationship, other American men, etc.) are not as quick-firing as my usual show. It’s a lot of chit-chat and back and forth banter between us, and I tried to get as much out of her as I could since it’s a unique perspective – something you guys won’t get to hear often.

Just click play above.

Show Notes

  • The post about her finding the blog can be read here
  • Women Drag You Towards Mediocrity Post
  • How to lie to women and get away with it…heh. I’m 24 but said I was 27
  • How to hold your cool around women to increase their attraction for you
  • Women know they shit test you (sometimes), but will test you to see when you crack
  • Women will see you cheat in front of them, but if you deny…

Check back next week for another episode where she is a guest – we discuss open relationships and more.

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