The Most Humiliating Thing a Girl Ever Did to Me

I watched as she wiggled her cute little ass, and pranced over to the calendar on her wall.

Giggling with excitement, she ripped a star off of the sticker sheet and stuck it gleefully to the calendar. The date was marked. Six days from today.

Six days until what, you ask?


Six days until I was going to get my penis touched. Hopefully.

Yes, you’re reading this right.

My girlfriend at the time was literally marking on her calendar when I was going to get some action. With little star stickers and hearts, nonetheless. At the time, I didn’t care. Action was action, and while I hadn’t had sex with this girl yet (or at all in my life up to this point), I knew it was only a matter of time until I finally was plowing my cock into her sweet pussy.

Oh yeah, this was before she made me a cuck. So it actually got worse, believe it or not.

This is why women can no longer get under my skin. It’s why they can find this blog, and all of the truths I write about them and society as a whole – and I walk out of that conversation with them even more hooked on me than they were before. That’s despite the fact that they just read about how I personally gamed them, as well as countless other women.

Women want the man that other women desire.

Seriously though, think about this story.

It was things like this that stripped me of my masculinity for the longest time. The most humiliating thing a girl ever did to me, but it inspired so much.

It inspired me to get bigger.

It inspired me to learn game.

It inspired me to go on a path hell-bent on self improvement.

It inspired me to write a book.

It inspired me to not make my happiness dependent on one girl.

It made me untouchable.

These days, some women say to me I don’t have feelings. It’s not true. I care deeply about the girls I date. I love them, cherish them, hold them close at night. I am their pillar of strength, and they are my source of the beautiful feminine energy.

Girls can say whatever they would like to me. They can do whatever they’d like to do to me. It won’t hurt me. Nothing can. After having my entire masculine essence stripped of me by this first girl, both in the forms of getting cucked and of course – little stars on a whiteboard signaling when I would be rewarded with sex.

Like a dog.

It killed me inside at the time. I was lost as a man. But in hindsight, I can’t thank that girl enough.

Her actions made me a star.

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  • thomas osgoode says:

    i wonder what that first girl looks like these days…or maybe wait when she’s 29 and beyond…then again, by that point, you won’t dive a f–k!

  • Josh Bar says:

    “Six days until I was going to get my penis touched. Hopefully.” AWW SMH
    “The most humiliating thing a girl ever did to me, but it inspired so much…It killed me inside at the time. I was a lost man.” Yea I think anybody thats gotten good at something has had a down moment like this to light a fire in their ass.

  • alpha.rez says:

    Would you ever consider reconnecting with this girl to try to finally bang her? After spending that much time with her and not finishing… why the hell not? Better now then before she turns 30 and gets married.

    • I actually ran into her at a grocery store after I’d learned game, probably two or so years ago.

      She got in a relationship right after we broke up (within 2 months), and after that ended she was only single for another month (those two were frat bros, if I’m not mistaken).

      I tried to get her out with the intention of trying to coax her into cheating but didn’t get anywhere.

      These days I wouldn’t bother. Simply not worth my time and energy, and I’ve had way hotter now so that novelty aspect is gone.

      But if it was handed to me on a platter I wouldn’t pass it up 😉

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