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What A Sexually Frustrated Girl Sounds Like

Sexually Frustrated Girl

Some lovely sexually frustrated girl sent me this on an online dating site a couple months ago.

Yes, the ‘lovely’ part is sarcasm.

In any case, it’s just been sitting my drafts forever.

I’m offering $100 to the guy who is willing to bang this girl and report back on how crazy she is afterwards. For the record, I stopped responding to her after she sent this.

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Anyways, enjoy an easy Saturday read with my smartass comments in bold!

Here is what she sent me:

Girls don’t really have sexual feelings or sexual needs. (I beg to differ) Girls don’t really think about sex. (Again, beg to differ) It’s been scientifically proven that there’s no nerve endings past the first 2-3 inches of the vagina. They can’t really feel the sex or get into it. Girls don’t really value sexual pleasure or orgasms. (They why do they get so frustrated when a man can’t finish them off? Why the overused jokes about how men can never find the clit?) They think sex gets boring and repetitive. Girls don’t understand why sex is important to guys. They can’t relate. Even when women have orgasms, a lot of the time they’d rather be doing other things. (Some truth to this, if a girl hasn’t had sex in a while she’ll forget about it and be able to be celibate. But when a girl is getting good, consistent dick…HAHAHA)

Women are not physical or visual beings like men are, they are emotional and materialistic. (True) Girls are manipulating guys into committing/marrying them because they want the company of one guy to themselves, and also to spend his money and have babies. Girls think their sexuality is perfectly normal and should be accepted as it is. It’s really difficult for girls to change how they are. (That’s what happens when girls are never told they’re wrong about anything, ever)

They want guys to have low or nonexistent sex drives like themselves. They think sex is mostly for having babies. (Doubtful. How many women are shunning children in favor of their careers?) Their minds currently are not sexual. Girls don’t really care about what guys want or need. They don’t care how horny/lonely/depressed guys are. (She at least has some perspective here, and maybe a bit of empathy. Part of me just thinks she’s never been fucked properly in her life.) In order for girls to change their nature/foundation, they would need to change how they think about everything. I know it’s traumatizing for guys to hear. (Yup, I’m shaking in my boots. I’m never gonna get laid again.) But it’s all generally true. Guys get defensive because I’m challenging rigid beliefs (You go, you strong independent woman, you) they’ve clung to their whole lives. Girls are better at being fake/manipulative than guys are (Winner winner chicken dinner). They’re more intuitive and have better social skills than guys do. (I doubt this more and more every year. How many women can carry a conversation and be interesting on a 1on1 date? No, women are better at gossiping, which gets confused as “social skills”.) I noticed a lot of guys think they’re really good at being fake/manipulative.

(I have no idea what she’s doing in this next part with all the numbers – I suppose trying to quote something, but she didn’t provide any links.)

The concentration of the nerve endings that lie close to the entrance of a woman’s vagina (the lower third) can provide pleasurable sensation during sexual activity when stimulated in a way that the particular woman enjoys. However, the vagina as a whole has insufficient nerve endings for sexual stimulation and orgasm (tell that to all the girls I’ve made cum from penetration),[69][70][71][72] which is considered to make the process of child birth significantly less painful.[70] The outer one-third of the vagina, especially near the opening, contains the majority of the vaginal nerve endings, making it more sensitive to touch than the inner two-thirds of the vaginal barrel.[70][71][72]

I don’t think girls can really feel/get into the sex unless the guy is fit/muscular. What do you think of that? (Certainly doesn’t hurt, but game trumps all. I could probably be fat like I used to be with my game knowledge now and still get laid)


Don’t really have much else to say, but she’s obviously not someone I’d ever be interested in meeting up with.

Anyone else have some smartass, entertaining comments to add?

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