Valentine's Day Online Dating Bundle, Early Special Coming 2/4 - This Is Trouble

Valentine’s Day Online Dating Bundle, Early Special Coming 2/4

How To Meet Girls Online: Valentine’s Day Special

I’m putting this together with my friend Masculine Profiles.

We’re launching this on Friday, February 5th but we will have a 24-hour early bird sale starting on the 4th.

It’ll be just $37 for all of the below on the first day, and going up to $47 after that. The sale will run up until Valentine’s Day.

For comparison, Cracking OkCupid is usually $20 alone, The Tinder Template is $10, and I charge $47 just for a profile review.

So it’s a helluva deal. Just click here or on the button below to get on the early bird release list, and look for an email come February 4th for the flash sale.


Are you tired of not being able to meet women online?

Tired of sending out dozens of detailed messages and never even getting a response?

Tired of wasting hours on Internet dating sites, but never getting an actual date?

Then you’ve come to the right place…

I’m going to show you exactly how to met girls online. No more wasting time. No more bullshit. Just dates, and if we’re being honest – sex.

Before I dive to deep into meeting more women online, I want to tell you exactly what you’ll receive in the How to Meet Girls Online – Valentines Day Special package I’ve put together.

– Copies of Cracking OkCupid (by yours truly) and The Tinder Template (by Masculine Profiles)

– A one hour, moderated discussion between Masculine Profiles and myself. The amount of knowledge dropped in this is
simply absurd. Think Pippen and Jordan on the Bulls…

– An exclusive video of me getting ready for a date; how I dress, how I have my logistics set up, and more. (Out of
all my lifetime bangs, 86% have been on the first date)

Profile reviews for OkCupid and Tinder. That’s right…once you read our books, you can re-write your profile, and then
have the two experts review it. This will include a line-by-line PDF breakdown of your entire profile, photos, and more.
We’ll even log into your account and critique a couple of messages for you, if you’d like.


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