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Cheap Razor Blades – Sharpen Them Yourself & Use Forever

I’ve always looked for cheap razor blades. I travel a lot, constantly drop and/or lose bathroom materials, and I hate shopping for items like toiletries. I’d much rather have a girl who takes care of shopping for me. I’ve always searched for cheap razor blades for their convenience, price, and flexibility.

Now, I really would encourage you to make enough money to the point where buying razors isn’t a big deal – and I don’t want to imply that I can’t afford them myself. It’s more the time of having to go to the store, remember to buy them…you know, the domesticated stuff I dislike.

But the little things add up.

More cash means more money to spend on travel, dates, and business. In addition, a man should always look, and be – fresh. This includes shaving on a regular basis. Now, the five o’clock shadow look is always good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But generally speaking, most can’t pull off a Duck Dynasty beard. By all means, try though.

That leaves you with shaving. Realistically, you have three options:

  1. Electric razors such as this, ranging from $30 to hundreds. I personally hate these things.
  2. Manual razors such as the Gillette Fusion Proglide, or whatever your personal preference is.
  3. A really quality razor or straight blade, a variety can be found at stores like The Art of Shaving. These often come with free lifetime sharpening, depending where you buy from.

I’m not a fan of option #1 – it tends to leave me itchy and it never does as good as a job as a real blade does.

Option #3 is good, but if you’re on the go quite often, the last thing you want to worry about is having to find a place to sharpen your razor.

That leaves us with option #2. Now, razor technology today is pretty good. With a $15 investment you can get one of the top Gillette razors that will give you a clean and comfortable shave. However, the real drawback of these blades is the costs of having to replace the blades all the time. A refill of six blades often costs at least $20, and if you shave on a daily basis you’ll burn through that refill pack within a couple of months. This adds up quickly in terms of monetary cost of blades as well as your time.

The trick is to extend the life of these cheap razor blades significantly. I’ve been using a Fusion Proglide blade for nearly six months now, and not had to replace it once (I shave roughly every other day). Nor do I cut myself, miss hairs, or anything else that you usually deal with when you have a blade on its last gasps of life.

This means I can shave for all of $20 a year instead of buying multiple $20 refill cartridges of cheap razor blades.

How To Obtain Cheap Razor Blades

  1. Take care of the blade – this means a thorough wash and rinse under hot water, as well as drying it out. I typically pat it down real good with a towel and then leave it out on the sink to air dry – do not put it back in a cabinet or cupboard.
  2. Find an old pair of jeans – ones that you don’t wear other than for yardwork, or ones that you don’t mind getting a little scuffed up.
  3. Every couple of shaves – take out that pair of jeans. Lay them down on the bed, or counter of your bathroom.
  4. After adhering to step #1 – take the razor and run it one way along the jeans, fifteen times. Yes, you basically “shave” your jeans. You don’t need to go up the whole length of the jeans, just up to the kneecap is sufficient. Once you’ve done fifteen strokes one way, turn around and repeat the same going the opposite way.

*Some might find it beneficial to sharpen before and after shaving. Experiment and see what works best for you.

What does this do? Well, the threads in jeans run diagonal – so it keeps the balance between the blade’s edges. It sharpens and smooths everything out, taking away the risk of getting cut up while keeping your cheap razor blades sharp and fresh.

Try the trick out and see how it works for you. What type of razor do YOU use?

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