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The 4 Guitar Chords to Get Laid

It’s really this simple guys. 4 guitar chords to get laid. G, C, Eminor, D are the only four chords you need to know. You can use a capo to change the key on these, but it doesn’t matter. The songs I randomly mixed together: Time of Your Life, Green Day Wonderwall, Oasis Boulevard of Broken […]

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What A Sexually Frustrated Girl Sounds Like

Some lovely sexually frustrated girl sent me this on an online dating site a couple months ago. Yes, the ‘lovely’ part is sarcasm. In any case, it’s just been sitting my drafts forever. I’m offering $100 to the guy who is willing to bang this girl and report back on how crazy she is afterwards. For the record, […]

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The Pain of Fire

I had just turned 17 years old. I was going into my last year of high school. I’d lost 80 pounds. I’d told the girl who friend zoned me, and then tried to still pull me along, to fuck off. I had a driver’s license and my own car; my own job and my own […]

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The Cost of Living in Los Angeles

Shows Notes: Cost of Living in Los Angeles $2,000/month for rent to live alone in a nice area; bare minimum you can probably spend is $1,500. Traffic blows everywhere and will greatly impact your cost of living. $400 more for rent, or drive 4 hours a day? Pick your poison. Figure another $1,000 a month […]

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How Public Speaking Improves Your Confidence

Back with another video. Show Notes: In high school, 4x a year I had to give an hour and a half presentation – in front of 25 peers, my parents, internship bosses, and teachers. This was in place of exams. “If you could see yourself the way others see you, you would be amazed.” Use […]

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End Your Dry Spells Once And For All

Players have dry spells. There is simply no way around it. There comes a point where each and every one of us has one of these dreaded dry spells, where you just can’t seem to get a girl on a date, much less get laid – to save your life. I’ve been there and been […]

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