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I’m Thankful For Game

Coming at you from Barranquilla, Colombia. The city itself is a shit-hole and roughly the temperature of hell, but the women – WOW. Got my flag on the first night of being here with a gorgeous 21-year old who didn’t speak a lick of English. Got her into my room with some wine, and spent the […]

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Triple P: Passive Pussy Program

I was recently a guest on Christian McQueen’s podcast, in which I talked about my book, online dating, travels, and more. During the interview, Christian asked me to provide some statistics on what my rate of bangs for girls I meet online versus girls in person. The answer is that it’s probably 70/75% to 30%, […]

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The Franklin Covey 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity Is A Scam

Recently, I was held against my will attended the Franklin Covey The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity course. Of course this wasn’t a voluntary thing – typical Corporate America let’s-make-more-money-by-wasting-everybody’s-time-for-days-on-end bullshit that we’re all subjected to. Thankfully things are going well with this blog, Cracking OkCupid, and some other projects. I’m hoping my time in the torture chamber office […]

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How To Handle A Girl Falling In Love With You

I recently wrote a post about a girl who I’ve been seeing who is (unsurprisingly) developing some feelings for me. Perhaps a full post is in order on how to handle a girl falling in love with you, but reader Luis did a fantastic job of doing my job for me when he shared this […]

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Be The King Of Your Social Circle

In episode #5 of Troublesome Radio… …I answer a reader’s questions on how to make the best of his college experience given his circumstances. This includes a new jingle I wrote for the show, a discussion of California campuses, becoming king of your social circle, as well as other general college advice. Troublesome Radio EP […]

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A Harem Demotion Over Period Sex

Girl comes, already banged, on period. Won’t have sex, won’t BJ. Says she doesn’t want to do anything cause I get all pleasure. Auto next? — This Is Trouble (@TruthfulTrouble) October 15, 2015 @TruthfulTrouble ego is one hell of a drug. If u enjoy her company keep her around. If she’s a warm hole u […]

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I’m The Other Man – A Lesson For You

So I meet this girl on Tinder, tiny little Latina. Find out she’s in town just for a week or so, visiting from Texas. She’s moving here in August/September (supposedly). Conversation gets pretty sexual pretty quickly. I explicitly ask her, “Are you saying you want to have sex with me? :O” She responds, “Yes, I […]

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The Montreal Diaries (Part 2 of 3)

I get her upstairs, on the bed, and start escalating. I manage to get my hands touching outside her panties, and then she drops this bomb while shutting me down. “I have a yeast infection.” […] I could smell something foul going on down there just from getting her legs spread, even with her panties on. I’m […]

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A Man & Woman At War

When was the last girl you had sex with who wasn’t me, she asks. Fuck, is it that time already. Mental calculations ensue. Yep, about two months of dating. Sounds about right.  Not missing a beat despite the calculation, he quips back: “15. Last week.” Nice try, asshole. Fine, 33. Seriously. Give me an answer. Must I? I […]

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