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A bottle a day. Straight gin. Supposedly what my grandfather consumed on a daily average. Until he went to the nursing home. Now? Who knows. That’s a lot of diapers to go through if you drink a whole bottle and still hydrate after. It concerned me, but just a bit. Then my mother told me she spent […]

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How to Pick Up Girls at Networking Events

This post was primarily written with the help of a friend. His idea, his notes, I simply put it together. It’s also something very unique – I don’t think I’ve seen much content on picking up at events like this. It’s something vastly different than a farmer’s market, that’s for sure. It’s unique in that […]

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Field Report: My Colombian Girlfriend (Part 1/2)

It was my first night in Colombia, and admittedly – I was slightly cultured shocked. Between the trip between the airport and my apartment through “The Ocho” district, and the lack of any English speakers – I wasn’t sure what I’d signed up for. I was a bit concerned. My concerns were quickly alleviated when […]

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How Dare You

Look, I get it. I’ve got an auto-swiper app that likes every girl within a thirty mile radius of me. Every girl is a yes girl in my book, but I just unmatch the hags. But to think you deserve me? You message me with your simple, “Hey”, and expect me to bow down to […]

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American Girls Vs. Colombian Girls

American Girls: Shave their legs once a week. “I wear pants at work, so what’s the point?” Colombian Girls: Shave their legs twice a day so you can enjoy it.   American Girls: “How about microwavable Easy Mac?” Colombian Girls: Shoo you out of the kitchen as they prep you a delicious meal from scratch.   American Girls: Are […]

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3 Brief Thoughts About Colombia

I’ve been looking forward to this Miami-Colombia trip for quite some time now. I never had the opportunity to travel much as a child, and took my first trip abroad only last year. So far, all of my trips have been across the Atlantic to places such as Poland, London, Budapest, and more. This time […]

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