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3 Brief Thoughts About Colombia

I’ve been looking forward to this Miami-Colombia trip for quite some time now. I never had the opportunity to travel much as a child, and took my first trip abroad only last year. So far, all of my trips have been across the Atlantic to places such as Poland, London, Budapest, and more.

This time it was time to go south to the tropics of Colombia.

I’m now five days into my trip here in Barranquilla, with a two-day excursion planned to Santa Marta and Rodadero Beach planned in the coming days.

So far, here’s what I think about Colombia.

1.) The pace of life is extremely slow.

This sounds fucked up, but I can’t help but think that the reason for the extreme poverty in parts of South America is because of this mindset.

There is just no sense of urgency in anything.

In some ways, it’s very beautiful. The hustle and bustle of places like New York City (where I recently visited), and Los Angeles (where I live) doesn’t exist here. It’s tranquil. Everyone is friendly.

To an extent though, my gut feeling tells me that this “no-fuck’s-given-about-time” philosophy directly correlates to the fact that Colombia and other Latin American countries are poor. While America might be on the extreme opposite side of the line, there’s just no motivation here that I see.

This point goes past the economy, too.

Girls are an hour late for a date and think nothing of it. They have no hesitation about flaking two minutes before you’re supposed to meet. While as someone who was raised to be punctual, I find it rude – I also realize that it’s the way of life here. Assuming that this same level of respect translates to how they do business, I can see the direct economical correlation.

2.) Colombian women lack self esteem

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a welcome change of pace from the American women attitude.

You can tell women they’re beautiful and they’ll eat it up like candy.

3.) Despite borderline poverty at times…everyone is so happy.

One girl here told me she makes 70mil a day – roughly $20 USD.

That’s for an eight hour shift.

Yet she’s always smiling.

There’s something to be said for that.

I’m back stateside now and borderline depressed – I’ll have lay reports as well as a lot more info about Colombia in the coming week.

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