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Be The King Of Your Social Circle

In episode #5 of Troublesome Radio…

…I answer a reader’s questions on how to make the best of his college experience given his circumstances. This includes a new jingle I wrote for the show, a discussion of California campuses, becoming king of your social circle, as well as other general college advice.

Troublesome Radio EP #5 Show Notes:

  • See below for song lyrics! Yeah, I don’t sing too good…
  • University of Santa Cruz California (UCSC) is a total hippy school. Should you go there?
  • Should you blaze in the forest? What are the other options on a Friday night at a shitty school?
  • Brief discussion of Greek life and whether to pledge or not.
  • Become the king of your social circle, easily.
  • Other hobbies and interests to pursue while at school.

Song Lyrics:

this is trouble radio
where i talk about my latest hoe
where i found this newest slut
and how i fucked her in the butt

this is trouble radio
i’ll probably complain about nightlife ratios
lessons from a lothario
coming form my studio

Original Email:


I enjoyed your latest podcast you did in response to my ‘ friend’s ‘ email regarding college game, and was wondering if you could help me with my college journey (and make me a podcast too… If you can, that would be fucking awesome). However, apart from asking how to run game on campus, I have other questions to which I am looking for guidance.

I am attending University of California Santa Cruz (I didn’t get into UCSB so this was the next thing for me). My university is extremely different from the traditional college university in varying degrees; mostly being it is FAR from a party school. The reasons for this being freshman not being able to park cars on campus and a pathetic Greek life scene being prohibited from owning property on campus. The resulting combination leads to a suckish nightlife experience and plenty of room for wackiness to occur. The options to spend your weekend nights are:

A) running around in the fucking forest, blazing it and sharing a half gallon with randomass people.

B) going to a shitty fraternity party( the fraternities are desperate to have new people join them and allow anyone to their parties) some 30+ miles off campus to get wasted in an environment of epic ratios of 6 dudes to 1 girl.

or my personal favorite..

C) chilling in my female friends’ dorms watching netflix and lowkey trying to bang her roommates.

I have experienced all the above in the first two weeks of school (The most solid time of year for nightlife at any college campus) and have to say I am unimpressed. Fortunately, as I have learned, as long as you are a decent looking guy with solid game, it is hardly a challenge to get girls interested in you so I’m not too worried about that.

The question I have for you, Kyle, is given this college environment, what should I spend my time doing? Me, my roommates and friends are definitely one of the more social groups in our niche on campus and having contacts with other friends and ‘parties’ isn’t a problem. I am just uninterested in partying now that I have gotten a good feeling for it and besides my two favorite past times (lifting weights and fucking girls) what disciplines or hobbies you recommend I pursue? I have always been an independent person and stopped hanging out with my friends while they exercise their new found freedom from their parents. I am only concerned that since I am refraining from what most college freshman would kill for, my independent nature is putting me at risk of becoming reclusive and wasting my valuable college years.

I would argue I am probably your biggest fan on account that I have read all your posts since you created this blog, so any advice you can give me would be great.


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