A Harem Demotion Over Period Sex - This Is Trouble

A Harem Demotion Over Period Sex

 I suppose it’s a “good” problem to have if you’re debating dropping an 8 over the fact that she won’t have period sex with you. Those with the strongest harems win. This just went down a half hour ago, so it’s perfectly fresh and raw in my mind. Good time to write. And after she refused to have period sex and blue balled me – I broke no fap, so at least I’ve got some of the “biological anger” out of me.

For the record, it’s not the lack of the period sex itself…

but rather the, “I don’t want to do anything, you’ll get all the pleasure,” bit that is the potential deal breaker in this case. If you need a full background on this story: I’ve already banged this girl. She seems to like me quite a bit. So last Friday we had a date scheduled. She texted me a half hour before saying that she was on the rag and that I could head to her place and hang out if I wanted; but that we couldn’t do anything because of the red wedding.

I passed. 

I don’t care to spend my Friday nights eating ice cream while the girl next to me menstruates. I’m all for period sex for a new notch, or if I’m really horny. But when she flat-out says she doesn’t want to have period sex, and I’ve been laid just 12 hours prior by this beauty – no thanks. I’d rather spend Friday nights doing this.

So at this point, no harm no foul. Yeah, the half-hour warning was kinda shitty, but it was only at 7:30pm. Plenty of time to make adjustments to the nightly schedule. Fast forward to Monday. I text her and ask if it’s all over. She replies with, “Almost,” and we proceed to plan to meet Wednesday. Five days between the start and end, I figure I’m in the clear. I also (wrongly) assume that she understands I don’t want to hang out without banging; period sex or not.

Yet she still wasted my time on a prime date night – my favorite wine bar down the street sells every bottle on their menu for just $20. Not that she knows this. But I digress.

So she comes over tonight (Wednesday) and after we hang out for a bit I make a move. She tells me she’s still bleeding and that she hates period sex. Won’t do it. Or anal. I ask her when the last time she actually had period sex was. Her answer: five years ago. She says it was uncomfortable and she didn’t enjoy it. I tell her she should give it another chance. No go. I escalate as normal and I feel like I’m dealing with typical first date last-minute resistance, something that you shouldn’t have to do with a girl you’ve already fucked. I put her hand on my dick and try to get her to start doing something, and she just won’t. Then she drops this shit.

“I want to have sex, but I don’t. And I’m not to do anything for you. Then you just get all the pleasure and I don’t get anything.”

Me: “Doesn’t it bring you pleasure to please someone else? That’s awful selfish.” (Thinking to myself: pretty sure I was pretty unselfish last time when this bitch soaked my sheets all the way through…)

Her: “Yeah, I am pretty selfish. But at least I admit it.”

Cue hamster. And while you’re at it, cue boner killer.

So that’s what I’m left with. The harem is strong right now. Three solid girls in rotation, plus two on a bit of a “hiatus” which will probably end in a week or two. My thought is to just drop her down a slot in the harem, and lower any and all future expectations for her. I would’ve probably casually dated this girl – maybe not as a main girl, but I certainly wouldn’t have had a problem taking her to dinner or having a few drinks in public once in a while (i.e. one outing every two to three dates per harem rules). 

Obviously, anything along these lines is now completely off the table. She’s shown her true colors; = not much different from the rest. A selfish man is a man who gets what he wants in life. A selfish woman is just unattractive. I didn’t make the rules, I just play by ’em. 

All this over a little period sex.

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