A Date With Chlamydia - This Is Trouble

A Date With Chlamydia

“Please please don’t hate me. I just found out I have Chlamydia, and you might want to get tested. I’m getting antibiotics right now. I’m so sorry I had no idea.”

I’ll take “Texts You Don’t Want To Get From A Girl You’re Seeing” for $1,000, please.

For those curious, the girl in question is the one that I wrote about here.

Before the haters rush in and tell me that I deserved what I got for all of the evil things I’ve done and written about – I got my tests back last week already, and they were crystal clean. My beautiful sword is still as clean as an untouched virgin’s hymen.

To be totally honest, there was a small part of me that kinda wishes I had come down with it. Reason being that there is a good chance that sooner or later I’m going to catch something with the way I live my life. Better it be something that can be cured with a week of antibiotics and scare me enough to be careful with every single girl than continuing to live a bit on the edge. I’m pretty good in most cases, but let’s get a few things straight about unprotected sex.

One, it obviously feels way better.

Two, it bonds girls to you. Turns them into a puppy eager to please.

Third, I can’t for the life of me bust a nut during round two of sex if I’m using a condom. I’ve got no problem getting and staying hard, but finishing – forget about it. I’ve even tried some “performance enhancing drugs” and they barely help. I’ve always been a once-a-day kinda guy for my entire life, but if it’s the first time I’ve fucked a girl I do like to give her a second dick down.

And yes, this is my male hamster going in full circles to convince myself that it’s totally okay not to wrap it up. Ignore him.

So in any case, the real point I’m getting at here is…


Chlamydia Scare = Roster Cut?

Masculine Profiles says she can absolutely not be a starter anymore.

Judge Miller on Twitter says if she’s hot enough.

My thoughts:

She’s definitely demoted in the harem, which is currently quite strong. This girl is my #1. I have one other cute Latina who is a weekly thing. Two others that seem to be bi-weekly so far; one Jewish girl with amazing tits and one blonde. And lastly…the girl we can now affectionately call ‘Chlamydia’ on this blog. Who I should mention is 18 and quite cute, but nothing special. Kind of a Plain Jane. Thin, cute, but nothing exotic. Brown eyes, brown hair. Typical white girl, really.

With that being said, STDs at 18 are definitely worrisome. No doubt her cute, bubbly smile is going to be replaced by the thousand cock stare in just a few years. I’m no fool and know she’s sleeping around. So, she’s being demoted to second string. She’s into threesomes so perhaps she can slide back up in the rotation. I may also try having a “talk” with her, which is way beyond our relationship maturation…and maybe playing the role of the father who I think grew up mostly absent from her life. Perhaps I’ll say that I’d like to keep seeing her but would appreciate a little more caution on her end. And needless to say that I will never rawdog her again.

Maybe an explanation of how it’s easier for girls to get STDs than guys will help her too. And no, I don’t have facts for this. For those who want to argue this merit, I simply ask this.

What thrives in an environment that is warm, moist, and dark?


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