EP#3: Short Guy & College Game

In this podcast I discuss the below email I received from a reader:

A friend of mine, <redacted>, told me that you are an sdsu graduate and that you really know your shit around this place. I’m looking for advice in short people game, I am  5’7 and usually I don’t mind it but now i started noticing that its a pretty big turnoff for alot of girls out here. There is plenty of hot girls out there so one is bound to fall eventually, but I want to maximize my game. You feel me? Also I am looking for advice in the greek life. I’m rushing this semester and I’ve already got a couple of contacts in a couple of fraternities, but I really don’t know which one to rush yet. Really any advice would be great.Thank you.

Here is a link to the short guy post.

  • alpha.rez says:

    this fuck is hardly even my friend but thanks for the shoutout. good podcast and looking forward for more.

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