Troublesome Radio Episode #2 – Letting Go Of Girls

On episode two of my new podcast, I discuss…

Letting Go Of Girls

Let’s get going!

1.) Firstly, it’s Cristin, not Christina, Miloti. This is her.

Christina Milloti

Cristin Milloti

2.) Here is the screenshot of a text conversation.


Next episode I’m actually going to tackle college game per popular request. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, players.

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  • alpha.rez says:

    podcast was great! enjoyed listening to it.

  • wizardprang says:

    Two comments:

    1) It’s not a double standard. We want what we want, they want what they want. Women are not men.

    2) “Time is money”, no, it’s more important than that. Time is life. You can always make more money. You can’t make more time.

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