Troublesome Radio Episode #1: Sluts In Los Angeles

Troublesome Radio Episode #1

For the record:

  • Post about Los Angeles is here.
  • No, the German (not Russian as I said at the end) girls did not come over for an 8-some.
  • I wrote about the under the bed restraint system here.
  • The “teenager” post is here.
  • I swear, I don’t have a lisp – but does it sound like my “l”s are coming out as “w”s? If so this is something I want to work on!
  • Also, I got stood up again last night after I wrote the LA post and recorded this podcast. Go fucking figure huh?

Would love to hear what you all think of the podcast. Leave a comment below.


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  • alpha.rez says:

    dude this is great. its funny especially when you talk about the hampster and telling girls you are a serial killer. please make more and tell stories!

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