Los Angeles Dating Is Not That Bad - Seriously - This Is Trouble

Los Angeles Dating Is Not That Bad – Seriously

I’m not gonna lie, when I began single life here as a bachelor here in Los Angeles I was a bit worried. I’d heard horror stories around about how tough of an environment it was for a man to get laid in. After a month and some change of Los Angeles dating, I’m here to say it – put up or shut up. Is it worse than a place like New York City, or the supposed shit show that takes place in Southeast Asia? No doubt. But to throw blanket statements around such as, “It’s impossible to get laid in Los Angeles,” is utter bullshit.

In what is basically five weeks since my relationship ended, I’ve banged eight girls, gotten blowjobs from two more, and made out with half a dozen others (maybe more, but I don’t remember; drunk nights). For those bad at math, that’s 1.6 new girls per week. On top of that, I’ve nailed four of those eight at least three times since, which has honestly kept my balls drained enough that I haven’t pursued as many new notches as I could have. If I’d been operating at peak semen capacity, there’s little doubt in my mind it could easily have been a dozen notches.

Out of the remaining four girls: one I chose not to see again, one has been a pain in the ass, and the other two were both notches in the last five days as of writing this – so I haven’t seen them again. One is on the calendar for next week and the other has been blowing up my phone, so a 75% second bang ratio isn’t too shabby, either. So even all the claims of not only not being able to get laid, but keeping a girl around – so far, they’re all bullshit.

Again, this isn’t to say it’s not a hell of a lot easier to get laid in other cities, but here’s what is working for me in regards to Los Angeles dating.

Ditching The Dates

I’ve been promising more field reports and just haven’t gotten around to it – but I promise I’ve developed a really good system for getting girls to come straight over, and I will share it soon once I have some more research in play. But seriously – dates are overrated. They’re cliche, expensive, and unnecessary. Girls are so depraved from excitement that going over to a stranger’s house makes their vagina wet.

Out of those eight notches, five of those came straight over to my apartment without going on a date in public. And, all of them banged me with absolutely zero resistance, save for one. To top it all off, all of them happened within thirty minutes of them being here. Sure, maybe girls are slutty and I’ve just gotten lucky, but it’s happening often enough now that I think it’s fair to say it’s not a fluke.

Yes, three girls did bang me off of dates but I’ve also been on a half dozen or so dates that didn’t result in lays. If they agree to come over, it’s in the bag.

Logistics Are Key To Los Angeles Dating

Here’s what I think most men are failing at Los Angeles dating.

1.) They’re living with roommates.

2.) They’re living in a shitty area.

Both are hard to avoid. Los Angeles is an expensive place. But having a nice place in a nice area is a huge part of me selling them coming to me; if not my apartment, then a bar down the street. I text them pictures of my patio, my bar, and whatever else I pass by throughout my day. Most of them are poor and living with roommates their hate, or their parents. They want to have an escape. If you can provide it for them, they’ll be putty in your hand.

ABC – Always Be Churning

I’ve probably had over a hundred numbers in my phone since I went on the prowl again. There’s too many – I won’t even bother saving them in my phone until we’ve met. Yes, girls here are flaky. Yes, they get a lot of attention. But there are still millions of girls in the city as a whole. If you rely on the one or two girls who you got a number from at 1:00am in a club…you’re destined to fail. But if you keep churning numbers through a combination of means, eventually you will strike upon the yes girls who down to fuck.

Go Extreme When Fucking

I’ve tied up most of these girls already with my under the bed restraint system. Again, these girls live boring lives just trying to pay the bills. They want to be choked, spanked, and dominated sex. To not do them dirty is doing both them and you a major disservice.

What are your thoughts on Los Angeles dating? Is it as tough as some men make it out to be?


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