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Field Report: Banging Teenagers Is Easier At 24 Than 20

I realize my promise for updated field reports has not come true so far. As of now I’m still drowning in a sea of vaginal juices and condom wrappers and I just don’t have the energy to write it all up. If I write one a day, I should be able to catch up on all of the new notches acquired since the breakup just a few weeks ago – which feels like years ago, to be frank.

In any case, I’m coming to realize something off of my new found freedom – meeting, dating, and banging teenagers is a hell of a lot easier at 24 than it was at 18. Or 19. Or 20. Even 21.

I’ve always had older friends and mentors, both in the blog world and in real life. All of them have always said, “Just hold on. It gets better and easier to get girls as you get older.” And boy – they have been right.

A 20 year old girl has no interest in a 20 year old guy. And frankly, not much interest for even a guy who is 21 or 22. I realize this isn’t a blanket statement I can throw on all females, but for the most part, women are attracted to older men who can lead and teach them something. They are followers, not leaders.

Hell, some of these girls even think I’m 26 and they are still all over me. Let this be a reminder to those of you who are just getting started with game – just by knowing some game, you are ahead of 90% of men. I’ll modestly say my game is at an advanced level and it’s frankly like shooting fish in a barrel. The keys are really quite simple:

  1. Make good enough money to have your own place, preferably not a shit hole.
  2. Dress well enough.
  3. Be socially savvy/charismatic/fliratious – i.e. have game.
  4. Build harems so your don’t give a fuck attitude is on point.
  5. You can never stop churning leads.

So anyways, on to the point of the story.

19 year old girl, met her on OKCupid. She’s got that fiery red hair that I love, 5’6″ or so and not skinny enough that I’d call her thin but not fat enough to even be “average” in the sea of online whales. We’ll say skinny with a touch of baby fat.

For the record, I’m not going to bother posting the chat/text exchange because it was actually very straightforward to get her to meet. I know you guys are more interested in seeing the full text logs of the ones that I’ve gotten to just come straight over to my place without ever meeting.

We meet for a drink at the coffee shop at the mall on my way home from work. We sit on a bench outside and chit chat about all the usual bullshit. I’m already back to robotic-date-Kyle at this point. It’s just a giant puzzle in my head, that I slowly piece together bit by bit throughout the date until I think it’s time.

After talking for about an hour, I tell her I can’t drink any more coffee at this time of day. I walk her to the car and weasel my way into a ride home. Once she pulls up in front of my apartment, I ask if she wants to come up and check out my patio/alcohol collection.


And really, that’s it. She came up, chit chatted for a bit more, made a move – no resistance. After dating someone older than me for over a year, it’s clear that teenagers are the calling card. And it’s never been easier.

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