Two Weeks Newly Single In LA - Let's Recap - This Is Trouble

Two Weeks Newly Single In LA – Let’s Recap

This may not be totally accurate, but I’m gonna give it a shot.

July 18th – Break up.

July 19th – Belated birthday celebration with blog friends. Pull three cute Persian girls home. Nobody can seal the deal.

July 20th – Bang this girl. I’ve always said if you have a breakup, you need the skills as a man to go out and seduce someone new within a week. Preferably 48 hours, which is exactly what I managed (granted, I got the actual notch at like 3am…but close enough, right?) This ability helps take the pussy off the pedestal.

July 21st – My weekly pool game. No girls allowed.

July 22nd – I think I stayed home to myself.

July 23rd – I banged a new girl off Tinder who just came right over. I made her bring orange juice for tequila sunrises. Half a drink in and I was inside of her. Okay face, but amazing tits.

July 24th – Met with a girl who looks like Christina Milloti’s (How I Met Your Mother, pic below) twin, no joke. Tiny little girl, 5’3″ and maybe 105 pounds. Big, but cute teeth. I keep calling her “Little Mouse”. We had one drink. She agreed to come back and “make pizza”. Got my hand up her dress but wouldn’t go any further. Oh, and she beat me at a game of chess…

Christina Milloti

Christina Milloti. Also how my face looked after losing at chess.

July 25th – I agree to a Saturday day date at a brewery with a girl. I find out she’s going to Europe for three weeks and figure it’s a lost cause. But by the end of it I’m fingering her in the parking lot and she’s telling me she wants me to make sure I remember her in three weeks. We get interrupted when someone needs to pull out (har har). She’s been blowing up my phone with drunk texts in Europe, so it looks promising. I’m also not an idiot – three weeks might as well be a lifetime in today’s ADD dating world. This girl also looks frighteningly similar to my first ex…it kinda terrifies me.

That night, my buddy comes into town and we bar hop around but nothing too exciting happens.

July 26th – I go out with a “model”. I think there will be a lot of these – “actresses” and “models” who are all dirt poor and just hoping for their break in the industry. Though she actually has some real modeling pics and shows me. She was really boring though. I erased her number.

July 27th – Meet this girl on OkCupid. I think. I’m losing track of all this now. At 8:00pm she agrees to a 10:00pm meet. We have a drink, bounce back to my pad but I can’t get further than a kiss.

July 28th – Pool.

July 29th – I double up and bang two new girls in one day. First is from Tinder, she comes straight over at 7:00pm. I tell her she has to be out by 9:00pm so I can go out with my friends. I fuck her within a half hour, let her hang for a bit then kick her out. Not as cute as her pictures, I won’t be seeing her again.

Second girl, also Tinder. Meets me at a wine bar. After a glass I just take her hand and lead her. She says, “We’re going to your place, yeah?” I respond affirmatively and she gives no resistance. Fucks like a wildcat. It was nice to have some diversity in the lineup – she was Asian, 5’4″ and probably 115 pounds.

Field reports to come on these – including full text transcripts.

July 30th – I see the Christina Milloti lookalike for a second date. We grab a bite to eat at the Promenade and I’m left in the same boat as last time. Can’t get further than a hand up the dress. She’s really into me though and has been blowing up my phone. I kick her out at nine and she’s furious. Why didn’t I keep trying?

Because I had another date. This one with an absolute stunner. Tiny, biggest blue eyes and wavy brown hair. Just my type. One drink in she gets called in to work (she’s a bottle service girl) and so we say our goodbyes. She’s supposed to come for dinner on Wednesday of this week.

July 31st – I fuck an 18 year old cutie for my third notch in three days. Don’t worry, full texts and breakdown on this one will come, too. I head out to Hollywood at night with some forum/blog friends and have a good time, though my motivation was pretty low after having two orgasms squeezed out of me by the 18 year old.

August 1st – Date with a Tinder girl, she’s an engineer. Nice to be out with someone who isn’t in the industry. We have a drink on the beach and she comes back to mine. Got a kiss, but have a feeling I won’t be seeing this one again. At night I get an invitation to head out to downtown but decide better of it.

August 2nd (the day I’m writing this, will post tomorrow) – Girl from July 23rd is coming over tonight.

As you can see, I’ve been a bit busy. I’m booked up through Thursday with girls this week, and my family comes into town next weekend. I know I can’t keep this pace up forever – or hell, even much longer. Too much booze, too many late nights, and not enough writing here. It was important though for me to have a run like this though and get back into the game.

I’ll get some detailed field reports up soon, I promise!

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