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What Fuels Your Self Improvement?

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Topic: Self Improvement.

I’m thrilled to announce my friend Christian McQueen has joined the Round Table as a regular.

What is Self-Improvement and Why is it Important to You?

Christian McQueen: Self-improvement is creating every opportunity you can in order to fulfill one’s destiny. Without self-improvement one becomes complacent, mediocre and the the worst of them all: average. I have a saying over on my blog and forum, which is “Fuck Being Average”. Many average men have the ability to be something great, but there is one factor that prevents them from doing so: themselves.

The obstacles aren’t your parents, a lack of money, or being short in stature. The obstacle is one’s self. If a man makes the choice to maximize his strengths, develop his weaknesses and put on blinders to the bullshit around them, then the sky truly is the limit.

Fuck the haters, fuck the distractions of negative people, fuck the attitude of settling, fuck the casual ‘American Dream’ and choose to think bigger, act bigger and create the life you have always dreamed of. If a man does not, he will lay in his deathbed with regrets and his life will be littered with broken dreams, delusions and waste.

This is Trouble: Self improvement is the lifeblood of a man. To do without it means to stagnate and go nowhere. Men are meant to build. Without that, we become a shell of ourselves, doomed to a life of increasing levels of unhappiness. Just look at all of the married men walking around the suburbs of America. They’ve stopped building. The only thing they have left is a career to pay the bills. And while they might be able to “build” that, most of them are there simply to collect a check to provide for their family.

Many people fear they will never be happy with what they’ve accomplished – that you must always be working for something. Personally, I don’t see a situation in which I ever stop improving myself in one way or another.
Masculine Profiles: To me, self-improvement is a way of life. It’s a set of habits you incorporate each and every day that adds up over the course of time. I’ve always been an athlete, which is an incredible form of self-improvement. Each and every day playing a sport you can improve in a number of areas. You can become bigger, faster and stronger. You can become more skilled. You can develop your mind through affirmations and watching film.

Just like sports – every aspect of your goal(s) can be broken down and improved. I was a better athlete than I am an online businessman, but I’m working every day to improve my writing and my money making abilities online. I know I will succeed, but I know it takes time.

Self-improvement is important to me because I know it’s the way to succeed in life. Stay in shape, be continually learning new things and always be focused on your goals.

Goldmund: Its work towards advancing your knowledge, skills, physical fitness, and mental clarity. Its always been an important part of my life because I grew up in an extremely strict household that made that work a part of everyday life. Sure, I rebelled from it for a while and there was even a period of time where I thought that taking care of your body or caring about style was ‘lame’, but I wizened up and now those are both very important to me.

I’ve made a living off of advancing my education and have had an intense hunger for knowledge my entire life. The more a man knows how the world really works, and the more he knows about himself, the more he can bend and adapt to his environment and thrive anywhere.

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