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Cracking OKCupid Is $9.97 This Weekend

Short post today, as I’m currently in flight to Indianapolis for this year’s Indianapolis 500. I’ve talked about my love of racing before, and I’m taking my dad for his birthday. Needless to say we’re both stoked. In honor of Memorial Day, I’ve reduced the price of Cracking OKCupid to just $9.97 until I return Monday night. Normal […]

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Red Pill Roundtable: Date Strategies

The Red Pill Roundtable articles seem to keep getting longer, but are absolutely packed with fantastic information from the four of us. Read the whole thing and our different perspectives. Chances are, your style is similar to one of ours, and you can learn something from every member of the Roundtable. On the panel: Christian McQueen […]

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Here’s What To Do With Your Body Hair

In today’s world of gender-confusion, diluted sense of masculinity, and overall feminist environment, men are constantly getting their dicks turned inside out. It took me a long time to figure it out, and I know there’s tons of young men out there that are just as confused as I once was. “Why am I doing […]

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Speaks Red Pill Truths, And Feminists Hate That

WARNING: Spoilers abound for Avengers: Age of Ultron in this post. You’ve been warned. Making millions of dollars in a weekend is something to celebrate on Twitter. It’s everybody’s playground to brag to…well, everyone. Normally, a director whose latest blockbuster (in a series of films as successful as the Marvel Cinematic Universe) took home a cool $191.3 million dollars on opening […]

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What Fuels Your Self Improvement?

This week is hosted at Goldmund’s blog. Topic: Self Improvement. I’m thrilled to announce my friend Christian McQueen has joined the Round Table as a regular. What is Self-Improvement and Why is it Important to You? Christian McQueen: Self-improvement is creating every opportunity you can in order to fulfill one’s destiny. Without self-improvement one becomes complacent, […]

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5 Things I Didn’t Like About Europe

I recently managed to write a list of twenty four (!!!) things that would contribute to me leaving California on a permanent basis. I can’t really say that I  have”never left” since I grew up in a small Northern California town, and the distance between Los Angeles or San Diego and my home state is large enough to […]

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The Red Pill Round Table: How Much Does Money Matter?

This week’s Red Pill Round Table is hosted by Masculine Profiles. This week’s theme was “Money, Hoes, and Big Booty.” A tease is below. — What’s your stance on the annual money vs. game conversation? Goldmund: Every man is different and going to have different priorities. When I see people arguing about it or pushing […]

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