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The Secret To Success With Hungarian Girls

Last week, I posted on Twitter asking for suggestions on what to write about. I have lots of time to write at work, but struggle with concentration at times while I’m at my desk. Usually it’s coming up with the initial topic and penning the first sentence down. So, I turned to you guys for some ideas to get me going.

Fellow blogger Christian McQueen asked the following:

– Break down step by step how the Hungarian girls responded to your game.

– Could you be more ‘nice’ with the Hungarian girls or did the US style work? That would be a great article for us cats who haven’t been there.

– The more details the better. What time of night seemed optimum for pulling? What did you wear? Stuff like that.

Without further ado, I’ll break down my experiences with Hungarian girls.

First Off – About Me10661681_1505153529727773_8689027637204637990_o

Looks and Style: I’m 5’8″, maybe 5’9″ on a good day. 180 pounds, look reasonably big but not shredded. Always in a blazer at a minimum, with a pocket square and a nice watch. Usually wore a pair of red sneakers or a nice pair of dress shoes. I also rocked a red pair of pants quite often on this trip. I have a full beard with a mustache that doesn’t quite connect, and keep it nicely trimmed at all times.

Type of Game: I’m not a sniper, by any means. I’m very sociable in general, so it feels natural for me to talk to various people throughout the night. I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself an approach monkey, but Jeremy called me a machine more than once on this trip. I have a certain “zone” I can get into in regards to approaching and drinking, and if I hit that spot I am just on fire. Sometimes I go with direct game, and sometimes indirect.

We did a lot of night game and a little bit of day game on this trip, and I made 100+ approaches throughout the ten days; a couple of daygame sessions spread across the ten days and a dozen or so approaches per night when going out. I’d say this is a reasonably good sample size to make some judgments and answer McQueen’s questions in detail, so here goes.

Hungarian Girls...Sexy.

Hungarian Girls…Sexy.

What Hungarian Girls Think Of Americans

Last year, when I rolled through Poland – girls loved me. I would open a conversation with, “I’m California Kyle”, and they’d be intrigued. However, Wroclaw is a smaller city – most would probably classify it as a second-tier city behind Warsaw and Krakow. So it makes sense that a Californian is practically a celebrity there.

In Budapest, I found that the Hungarian girls were either red hot or ice cold towards me being an American.

Keep in mind that I’m referring to local Hungarian girls, the reactions from fellow tourist girls, who were also visiting Budapest, varied at all times.

With the Hungarian girls, I found it best to withhold my American identity until I’d had a chance to get deeper into the conversation. This meant not opening with, “Do you speak English?” like I often used in Poland last year.

The best opener I used on the entire trip, with the most success was simply, “Hi.”

Seems too good to be true, because in America you sometimes have to play monkey game with girls in order to grab their attention. This comes from the sense of entitlement – your “opener” has to be good enough to impress an American girl for her to “gift” you with her time.

“Hi” is a very confident opener.

I found Hungarian girls to be very open to talking to me if I just opened them simply and confidently. Once I did that, being American didn’t hurt me – on the contrary, many of them were very impressed. But if I opened with something blatantly American, such as “Do you speak English?”, I was simply blown out of the water. It made me appear as a guy leveraging my American status to talk to girls, and lacking the confidence just to talk to them as a “normal” person.

And I really do mean blown out of the water – ask Jeremy or Lucky about it. I had a few Hungarian girls just turn their back on me, or say “No.” and that was that. Hungarian girls gave me some of the harshest rejections of my life.

The simple fact that I didn’t open by floating about my citizenship resulted in them being intrigued. I’m obviously not Hungarian. I didn’t open them by speaking the language, and my accent certainly doesn’t sound Eastern European. So undoubtedly, they’d be intrigued by where in the West I was from. Once they found out where I was from though, it usually became positive. I often made fun of them.

Hungarian girl: Where are you from?

Me: Los Angeles…have you heard of it? (Slight grin or wink)

Her: No, never…(with a smile).

And just like that I’d be off to the races.

“Does US Game Work On Hungarian Girls?”

As you read above, the US style of opening which I often utilize doesn’t work. Admittedly, I probably play monkey man more often than I should in the US – but it seems to be what works for me best here; as a shorter guy I often need to simply get my foot in the door and then let my conversation/game skills take over from there.

Overall though, you definitely don’t need to run the same level of asshole/player game to get laid as you do in the US. Some of the Hungarian girls don’t speak English well enough to understand the sarcasm that is a huge part of our communication here in the States. In addition to that, Hungarian girls are simply nicer. You will find yourself not being an asshole simply because they don’t open any doors for you to do so. On the contrary, American girls throw so many repeated shit tests at you it’s easy to just smash it out of the park by making fun of them.

Hungarian girls are vastly different simply because they won’t belittle you as a way of making their own pussy wet. This doesn’t mean you can be less of a man, but it does mean you can lean back and play a little more “nice guy” game with them with the same success.

Let’s dig into those more specific questions:

“When Should You Pull Hungarian Girls?”

Hungarian girls

Hungarian girls are pretty diverse – blonde/brunette/etc.

If you’re coming from California – brace yourself. There is no last call at 1:30am, the party doesn’t even start until later than that. The main tourist bar we went to, Szimpla, closed at 4:00am. The local clubs stayed open as late as 6:00am on some nights.

You might take that to mean that they don’t start drinking until 11:00pm or midnight, but that’s not the case. Hungarians will start drinking at the same time us Americans do our “pre-gaming”, at 8:00-10:00pm. They will just continue all night. It’s a tough transition to make and it will take a few long nights of exhaustion before your body adjusts to it.

The best time to pull really depends on the circumstances. You definitely will not pull a girl away from anyone at 2:00am like you can in California. Your best bet is honestly to wait until the end of the night, but not until the place closes. It’s better to bounce out of there prior to last call because otherwise it just becomes a mad rush. The lights come on and it’s not sexy. On top of that, everybody is flocking to the food stands, and you know that will cockblock you.

So if the bar is closing at 4:00am, your best bet is probably 3:30am.

I also would say that I noticed that as the sun came up, the girls seemed to sober up quicker and I didn’t see as many hookups going on. So even if you’re at a club that stays open until 6:00am, you might want to consider bouncing to another venue before the birds start chirping. That signals to a girl that it’s time to get breakfast and sleep in her own bed, not get fucked by a sexy stud like yourself.

Much like the lights coming on in a club, the sun coming up and birds chirping isn’t sexy. It’s simply not conducive to sexy time.

“What Did You Wear?”

I always prefer to overdress.

Most nights, I rocked a blue or black blazer, always with a pocket square of course. I paired these with either red, black, or blue pants. My shoes were either a brown pair of boots, a grey pair of dress shoes, or a red pair of sneakers.

The blazer is definitely “my look” that I’ve worn on dates since the beginning of time, so it’s something I’m very comfortable and confident in. At the nice Hungarian clubs I often wore a dress shirt underneath the blazer; tucked in and everything. However, on the more casual nights I preferred to wear a v-neck underneath the blazer.

I did receive some nice comments about my blazers from girls, so they appreciate a man who can dress well. Suits might have been a bit too much at many of the places.

How To Survive A Night Of Drinking In Hungary

Remember, European drinking times differ from Americans, except maybe New York City.

You will need to pace yourself, and this begins at the beginning of the day when you wake up. My days usually looked like this:

– Go to sleep between 5:00am-7:30am.

– Sleep until 11:00am-noon.

– Have lunch, usually a big one.

– Take an afternoon nap around 5:00pm.

– Have dinner, lighter than lunch or you’ll get lethargic early in the night.

– Start drinking around 10:00pm – casually. No shots or getting crazy…yet.

– Consider having a snack around here, too. Just a small sandwich or something.

– Throughout the night, drink water consistently. If you’re getting tired, pump yourself up with a sugary drink like a Vodka Sprite or a Red Bull, if you dare. I also consumed a lot of 5 Hour Energys, which are great hangover preventors, too.

– If you are changing venues in the middle of the night, it may be worthwhile to consider a snack in between. This does not mean gorging on a large plate of greasy drunk food – I’d say no more than a single slice of pizza. This is to hold you over, more than anything. If you’ve been up all night and haven’t eaten since 7:00pm, it’s natural to get hungry at 3:00am.

General Tips To Game Hungarian Girls

Here's my tips on Hungarian girls.

Here’s my tips on Hungarian girls.

If you’re a cad who is taking his first trip to the more Eastern European countries (in the West European areas, the US game applies more so), here are the general pieces of advice I would give.

The girls will appreciate money. Don’t cry and say they’re gold diggers. Sex revolves around money, and money revolves around sex. Deal with reality. Sometimes these countries are so poor that the average salary is $400 USD per month. It is not a big deal to pay for her $2 drink for you, so just do it. It’s appreciated by her.

Find an excuse to get them back to your apartment, assuming you followed my advice from this post and found a good place at a reasonable price. They will be impressed because most of them live in broom closets, or with their parents.

Have your apartment stocked with a variety of drinks, especially wine and champagne.

Experiment with opening. Some countries will love that you’re from the US, and others will take some warming up to you.

Dress well because many foreign men don’t.

Do not get completely drunk. Many of these foreign destinations are hot spots for British stag (bachelor) parties. That means that groups of a dozen men take a cheap Ryanair flight and get blasted all weekend, making sloppy pickup attempts at the local women. Be in control at all times.

In conclusion: Hungarian girls are stunning. You can do very well with them as an American, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Don’t plan a trip to Budapest with the anticipation that pussy will fall from the sky.

With that being said, there is no reason you can’t clean up with some Buda beauties if you play your cards right and have solid game.

Questions About Hungarian Girls Or Budapest?

Post ’em below and I’ll be happy to answer.

PS: If you want to meet Hungarian girls, check out this site.

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