The Red Pill Round Table, Travel Edition - Hosted by Goldmund Unleashed - This Is Trouble

The Red Pill Round Table, Travel Edition – Hosted by Goldmund Unleashed

This week’s Red Pill Round Table is hosted by Goldmund.

Here’s a small snippet of what it contains. Next week the article will be back at my blog on Wednesday; that’s assuming I don’t die here in Budapest by then. Considering we went to bed at 7am last night, we’re causing lots of trouble here.

Sum up the benefits of travel in five sentences or less. 

This is Trouble:  Travel pushes you to your comfort levels and forces you to grow. But, that’s only if you’re willing to step outside of the box. Too many Americans just do all inclusive resorts and cruises. While those have their place, you will never obtain the maximum value of growth as a man unless you are willing to step outside and truly immerse yourself into cultures beyond the tourism.

Masculine Profiles: Travel gives a man a chance to find out what he really wants in life. You can read about things online and hear first hand encounters, but you never really know the truth until you experience it. Each new experience shapes what you look for down the road. By travelling, a man can begin to understand himself a bit more.

Goldmund: Absorbing knowledge of how the world works and understanding the differences and similarities of humans is the meaning of life. There isn’t a better way to do that then to put yourself out there and experience it first hand. Real travel involves situations that force you to adapt, change, and grow. That turns you into something powerful.

Again, go here to check it out.

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