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Steak and Eggs Diet Results: 8 Pounds Gone in Just 3 Days

When I head Budapest next month, I plan on hitting up at least one of the famous Budapest bath parties. Perhaps they’ll end up being a tourist trap, perhaps it’ll be one of the highlights of the trip. Either way, Jeremy and I want to look sharp, so we’ve been going all out on a #BuffForBudapest campaign.

You’ll notice I haven’t written anything about fitness lately on this blog. Why? Because I’m currently fat. I’ve never been one to be truly shredded, as I’ve always been an endurance athlete, but this is probably the worst shape I’ve been in for the last few years.

Steak and Eggs

Steak and Eggs

When I was writing my book, I simply drank way too much, especially beer. It was how I “unwound” from my day as a corporate sheep and got the creative juices going. Healthy? Fuck no. I’m affectionately referring to it as my “beer-book-gut”.

I was drinking every day. Absolutely terrible habit, and it resulted in me fattening up over these “cold” Los Angeles winter months. Of course, with summer just around the corner (it’s basically already here, this being Southern California and it being March…), it’s now or never. Expediting this cause is the trip. Perfect motivation.

So, here’s my plan.

  • Steak, bacon and eggs as the staple of my diet. I’ve heard such great things about quick fat loss (which is really what I need, as I’m stronger, albeit heavier, than I’ve ever been) with this, I want to give it a real shot. Basically, zero carbs allowed. Though I’m not a huge fan of eggs, which is unfortunate.
  • Two meals a day with a full-day fast once a week (usually will be Wednesdays)
  • Minimal eating out, with the exception of the below…
  • One cheat day when everything is fair game. I’ll probably eat greasy Mexican, pizza, and drink a six pack.
  • Alcohol is acceptable once or twice in the week. No beer, only clear liquors allowed. Think “healthy drinking” – vodka/gin and tonic/soda/water, or a glass of wine. Maximum of two drinks with no late-night munchies allowed.
  • Workout a minimum of 5 days a week, which I already do. I’ll skip the workout on the fast day (Wednesday), and perhaps on my cheat day, too. I’ll also be adding in 2x two-a-days, in which the second workout will be a high-intensity cardio session.

Here is my journal for Monday through Thursday night of this week. Monday, I’ll be updating with pictures taken throughout the week as well as an update as to what I ate over the weekend.

I’d also recommend considering implementing Steak and Eggs with this training routine.

Day 1

Weight: 189.5 lbs

Workout – 9:30am

4×10 Squats – 245 lbs
4×10 Leg Press – 360 lbs
4×10 Calf Raise – 135 lbs
4×10 Hammy Machine
4×10 Quad Machine

Notes: Felt completely sluggish this morning – not used to doing weights on any empty stomach. Low energy have contributed due to weird work schedule.

Meal 1 – 11:30am

1 cup beef chili
1 slice meat pizza

Unfortunately didn’t get around to cooking anything the night before, so I slacked off a bit at the cafeteria.

Meal 2 – 5:30pm

1 NY steak
3 hard boiled eggs
3 pieces bacon

Day 2

Workout – 9:30am

4×10 Weighted Crunches
4×10 Shoulder Raises
4×10 Bicycles
4×10 Shoulder Rope
4×10 Shoulder Shrug
4×10 Raised Crunches
3×10 Shoulder Press

Notes: Felt fantastic during this workout.

Meal 1 – 10:30am

2/3s of 1lb NY Steak
3 strips of bacon

Meal 2 – 5pm

1.5 lbs Carne Asada
3 scrambled eggs with salsa

Day 3

All day fast, no workout or food.

Consumed lots of water and 4 cups of coffee.

I felt like shit throughout the day. I’ve done 24 hour fasts before, but this is the first time I went from dinner, to a whole day without food, to finally breaking the fast at breakfast the next morning. I think in the future, I will do a lunch-to-lunch 24 hour fast – eat a big lunch, skip dinner, first meal is lunch the next day. This seems much more doable than what I attempted. I might try to do one more of these extreme fasts before the trip, but I don’t think it’s something I can do on a weekly basis.

Day 4

I actually felt fantastic when I woke up – lots of energy, because I actually got a full eight hours of sleep for the first time in forever. I had no energy from not eating the day before.

Weight: 179.5 lbs

So technically, I “lost” ten pounds – not eight. But to be realistic, I probably gained back two pounds an hour later when I finally broke my fast. Sure enough, when I weighted in an hour later at the gym I was about 181 pounds. But regardless – wow.hated doing the fast and it was torture, but the results made it almost worth it.

Workout – 9:30am

4×10 Bench Press
4×10 Skullcrushers + superset Tricep Press
4×10 Machine Press
4×10 Reverse 21s
4×10 Pec Flys

Notes: This workout was absolutely terrible, no other way to put it. I was still in a (relatively) fasted state, as meal #1 of the day pre-workout was tiny (see below). Nonetheless, I got a good sweat in.

Meal 1 – 7:00am (breaking 40 hour fast)

1/4 lb New York Steak
2 strips bacon

Meal 2 – 11am
2 sausages
1 scrambled egg

Meal 3 – 5pm (ate out at happy hour with a friend)
1 small cup of tomato bisque soup
Sirloin burger with bacon, wrapped in lettuce. Nothing on it but patty, bacon, onion, lettuce, and a little BBQ sauce.
5 strips of bacon (was still hungry when I got home)
2 gin and tonics
1 vodka tonic

I did go one drink over my limit, but I was shocked at how much I really didn’t want that last drink. Frankly, I barely wanted the second one. My buddy wanted to walk to another new place though, so I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. Admittedly, I haven’t gone more than a day without alcohol in months, and I went five days without this time. I was shocked that once I had it, I really didn’t want it that much. And I was nearly ready to call myself an alcoholic.

I still feel like I’m in a caloric deficit which might have attributed to me simply not feeling great while drinking. I really enjoy carbs (like I said, endurance athlete), and my body is craving them. My blood sugar seems low right now.

Also as a note, I hadn’t shit since Tuesday before tonight. Nearly 48 hours. Normally I’m a guy who shits 2-3x a day. I bought some fiber pills this afternoon that seem to have helped.

Looking To The Weekend

So far, so good. I’m very happy with where I stand. I actually do look a little leaner than I did on Monday. I’ll be uploading pictures with my post on Monday – including pics from Monday, Thursday, Saturday (before cheat day), and Sunday (after cheat day).

I have leftover steak and bacon for lunch tomorrow, and a 2.5lb tri-tip thawing in my fridge now. I plan to cook that tomorrow night with a dozen eggs and have that carry me through to Sunday. Sunday will be a free for all. Tentatively planning on going to get all-you-can-eat Mexican brunch, with bottomless Bloody Marys and mimosas. After that, I want to demolish a six-pack while watching NASCAR and then eat pizza for dinner. I honestly can’t wait. Hopefully, I am so disgusted with myself on that day that it’ll make the week after, when I’m back on steak and eggs, a breeze.

UPDATE: Highly recommend this diet for those looking to lean up. Might also suggest incorporating it with this routine and training regimen.

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