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Is Cracking OKCupid Applicable To Other Technology Based Dating Platforms?

Is Cracking OKCupid Applicable To Other Technology Based Dating Platforms?

This is a pretty common question I’ve been getting recently in regards to my latest book. There’s been some discussion via private emails to myself as well as over on Roosh’s forum.

I do want to thank all of the people who have reviewed it in the last several weeks, and there’s more to come. I think most of them would agree with this statement:

You will obtain the most useful information and results from this book by using OKCupid, but the overall concepts and beliefs instilled by the book are applicable to any other technology based dating platform.

I’d even go as far as to say that the book reiterates and instills basic game concepts throughout, and that taking the online mindset in Cracking OKCupid to an offline platform will help just about anyone with their overall self-confidence and attitude towards girls.

Cracking OKCupid

Cracking OKCupid

I’ve read various books in regards to online dating and the greater majority of them throw a list of profile templates and opening messages and say, “Here’s what has worked for me – have at it!” The problem that none of those books recognize is that it’s worked for them and them alone. There’s rarely any talk about how you could write an interesting and unique profile or opening messages yourself. Inevitably, if the book takes off, these profiles and openers become a plague sent to all women who are utilizing online dating.

Hell, out of the five profile reviews I’ve done so far, three of them had parts of the same profile excerpt that was directly copy and pasted from a well-known source.

The result is that the product you paid for (ranging in price from twenty dollars to TWO HUNDRED!) becomes obsolete as the online dating market is oversaturated by men lacking creativity or confidence to simply sit down and write about what makes them interesting.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The above is the mindset I used when I wrote Cracking OKCupid. The self-help market is full of “get rich quick” schemes designed to sell a product but not teach the consumer anything of use. The same applies to dating – sure, you can reach some material and go out and apply it – you might even get lucky every now and then. But until you take the time to truly develop yourself with true self confidence, there will always be something missing.

Therefore, Cracking OKCupid really teaches men how to write an interesting profile, how to have a smooth conversation, and more. Of course I include examples, but I try to encourage readers by not including a huge list of canned material, and saying, “Well, that’s it for you. Go have fun.” I realize that every man’s mileage will very greatly with every different profile or opening message.

So while the book goes into incredible detail on the specifics of OKCupid – the same can absolutely be applied to Plenty of Fish, Match, or even app-based dating platforms such as Tinder or Hinge. I’d go as far as to say that OKCupid is far more detailed than POF or Match – both of those are pretty much standard as far as filling out information and uploading pictures and you’re in business. OKCupid goes in more detail with the questions and matching algorithm.

But yes, the same picture/profile/messaging advice will apply to them just as well. Hell, I could easily cut out half of the book, rename it “Pulling on POF”, design a new cover, and no one would know the difference.

Another question that comes up is whether I’m some sort of hot male model.

“Is he actually banging ‘hot white women’ way above his league from OkCupid? If Tom Torero can hire an actress for a fake kiss close it’s 100 times even easier to say your banging hot white women on a ebook when in fact they are average girls. The reason I ask because banging average girls on OkCupid is pretty easy if your willing to put the work in.”

My answer: I certainly won’t sit here and say that every girl I’ve banged off OKC is a model, but I certainly don’t go dumpster diving. The majority are white girls, a few Latinas and Asians mixed in here and there, as well. Ethnic girls seem to really dig me, so I’d actually go out on a limb and say that those girls have been an overall higher quality than the white girls.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that my book is ground-breaking but I have had some experienced OKC vets comment to me that they learned a few new tricks. The book is designed very much as a “model to follow” and is written in a “teaching style” – meaning rather than me throwing a bunch of examples and having readers copy/paste openers and profile tidbits, I teach how to have the right approach to online dating. This of course also translates over to real-life interactions and has basic game principles as well.

Also, Zel’s right on my height and looks. 5’8″, half Asian half white. I’d say I’m a decent looking guy, but I also dress sharp and have put a lot of hours into the gym for years. Been toying with posting a picture on my blog for sometime now, might depend on how the sales of this go, hah.

But with that being said, I’m certainly nothing “special” looks wise – almost any not-hideous guy could get to my level with enough effort. One thing I do have an advantage of over most is a good-paying job and great logistics.

Any other questions? Fire away below.

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