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Budapest, Prepare For Trouble


In case you missed it on Twitter last week: my boy Jeremy Sploosh and I are headed to Budapest in April of this year. Joining us for a weekend will also be Lucky – who I tore up Poland with last year. Considering the stories I came back with after just three days in Poland with him, having ten days with Jeremy and a few more with Lucky – I’m pretty worried with the stories I’ll come back with this time. This is assuming I manage to make it through this trip without dying of alcohol poisoning, and I’d put the odds of that at 50/50.

I’m ecstatic that everything worked out and that we’ll all get to hang out together. For the record, we booked round trip flights from Los Angeles to Budapest for $915. This is on a nice, new 787 Boeing Dreamliner with just one stop each way. After getting stuck in airports and having a 30+ hour trip to Poland last year, if we make it there in the allotted 14 hour time frame I’ll be a happy camper.

We’re staying in the middle of the ruin pub district as per the recommendation of some buddies of mine (thanks, Law Dogger!). Managed to grab a spot 50 meters from the supposed top bar, at a measly $545 with AirBNB fees for our ten night stay. So for all airfare and lodging, we both paid less than $1,200. Not too shabby, I’d say – especially since we only booked it six weeks in advance of flying out.

Jeremy has never been to Europe, so I figure I’ll have to pick his jaw off the floor at a few points.

I’m glad we’re going to a somewhat off-the-grid place, where it’s relatively affordable to live as a local – and more than anything I’m excited that I’m not hopping around to half a dozen different cities in a span of two weeks like I did last year. In fact, when I returned I wrote this:

I Knew I Was Making A Mistake By Seeing So Many Places

Everyone told me; I didn’t listen.

Five countries in the amount of time I had is simply way too much.  It is hard to account for travel time for airlines and public transit to city centers, in many cases what was supposed to be three days in a city turned into two due to being delayed.  I knew going in that I was really going to be pushing the limit, and I learned my lesson.

I wanted to see Poland because I’d heard so many good things.  I needed to see London with the possibility of moving there for work.  I had heard Barcelona’s nightlife was legendary (quite the contrary, I found it to be a bit of a disgusting shit hole).  I have always loved Roman history, so I wanted to sight-see there.  I’d heard Prague was a gorgeous city with a lot of gorgeous girls (truth).

Overall, I did everything I wanted, and needed, to do.  I will try not to have regrets about my logistical choices.  But, if I were to do it again, I’d spend a minimum of a week in a city if I truly wanted to immerse myself as a local and get the most out of a trip.

I’ll be making a very detailed post about the 5 things I learned last year and analyzing how I’m avoiding making the same mistakes this time around.

Stay tuned later this week for a post about how I ditched my already planned (for 3 months) vacation with my girlfriend’s family…

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