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Coming February 16th – Cracking OKCupid: The Modern Man’s Guide to Online Dating

I’ve been looking forward to making this announcement for over a year. I’ve been planning on writing this book since a few months after I started writing This Is Trouble, which was in July of 2013. It’s been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final product.

Final count: 109 pages and 32,681 words.

Where did the inspiration for Cracking OKCupid come from? Well, this post – which is perfectly named. I’ve received hundreds of emails about this post in the last year – people sharing their stories about how much they learned from that post, and wanting more. It’s also likely that there are countless more men who benefited from that blog post and haven’t come forward to say it.

Frankly, nothing would make me happier than the next revision of the book having a chapter dedicated to reader success stories.

Cracking OKCupid: The Modern Man’s Guide to Online Dating

So what do you get for the $19.95 price?

An extremely comprehensive guide that takes you through the entire step-by-step process of creating a profile, writing opening messages, and then sealing the deal on the date itself.

Many online dating guides give you profile examples and messages, but my goal with Cracking OKCupid was to truly teach men to make them their own. Simply giving out profiles to copy and paste is a cop-out. I’ve provided examples and instilled deeper lessons.

In addition to that, there are dozens of small tricks I’ve learned through my online dating endeavors, such as…

  • How to crack OKCupid’s algorithm to get matches that you wouldn’t see otherwise.
  • How to quickly screen her for sex, by the questions she’s answered – NOT the lies she fills her profile with.
  • The best closing messages to get her number, and how to set up a date within minutes after that.
  • General advice for first date venues, tactics, and how to bounce her back to your apartment.

Of course, all of this is backed up by real-world examples that I’ve used to great success.

I really couldn’t be more excited about this book, and I discussed my excitement here and here.

In addition, I’ll be giving free profile reviews for the first 25 people who buy a copy.

Check back on February 16th for Cracking OKCupid!

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