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This Is Trouble Top Ten Miss Universe 2014

For the record, Miss Colombia won. Definitely a worthy winner by physical appearances. We all know men don’t really give a shit about anything else. Personal accomplishments? Please. Here she is. All photos can be viewed here.


And for those of us in America, here was our representation. No, she didn’t make my top ten. Too much of a man jaw.


On to the top ten Miss America contestants.

*Disclaimer: I generally prefer white girls. Also note that this was judged purely on their first photo from the above link, I did not dig deeper into each profile.

Miss Universe 2014 Top Ten

10. ) Miss Israel

I feel like a lot of them were had a very pronounced jaw. She’s the worst of the ten.


9.) Miss Netherlands 

Not usually a huge fan of dark hair and dark eyes, but she’s got great curves and a sexy look in her eyes.


8.) Miss Mexico

Super thin, but still has some curves.


7.) Miss Serbia

She looks a little surly in this photo, but I love redheads.


6.) Miss Sweden

A bit on the flat end, but gorgeous eyes and complexion.


5.) Miss New Zealand

Truthfully, I could have put 5-7 in any order without much difference. Blonde has to represent somewhere, though.


4.) Miss Venezuela

Fuck, my next trip should really be to South America.


3.) Miss Colombia

Again, South America here I come! I think the judges actually got this one right, she’s definitely in the upper echelon of beauty.


 2.) Miss Thailand

Usually, I’m not into Asians at all, but she’s absolutely gorgeous. Granted she really doesn’t look all that Asian.


1.) Miss Hungary

Red hair, check. Great skin, check. Feminine face, check. She has it all for me. Might be too skinny for some, but meet the future Mrs. Trouble.


 Who would you rank as your #1 Miss Universe 2014 contestant?

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