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This Requires Soul

I am drained.

My latest book simply took a lot of soul out of me. In a good way. I truly wanted Cracking OKCupid to be the ultimate and affordable guide so that any man could create an OKCupid account and start going on dates that very week. All of the copious notes I took over the years, all presented in a way to be informative, yet entertaining. After telling myself for well over a year that I would write the book, I cranked out the majority of the 35,000 word book in approximately two months.

It took a part of my soul.

But, I’m fucking proud of it. I’m not sure I’ve been more proud of anything else. The two books I wrote prior to it in 2014 were both completely half-assed, in hindsight. I didn’t put any soul into them, I just put words onto paper and hoped that people would buy it. Absolutely pathetic now that I look back at it. I didn’t dedicate myself to the cause, so how could I ever have expected it to? There is no half-assing anything that you want to be successful. While it works just fine for my day job, This Is Trouble is special to me. I’ve poured my heart and soul on to this blog in the hopes that other young men won’t have to endure the struggles I did. And this is the reason that the quality of my posts needs to increase.

I’m guilty of just cranking out three or four hundred word blog posts and hitting publish, just so I can publish something for the day. While every post doesn’t have to be gold, I’m realizing that every post needs to have a bit of soul in it. I want my readers to feel my own struggles and successes. Hopefully, the struggles from my own past encourage them not to make the same mistakes, and my successes inspire them to new heights.

Too often a post lacks that feeling.

Too often a post includes silly typos because I just wanted to have a post for the day.

Too often do I speak negative instead of motivating.

Too often I multitask while posting; eating dinner, playing guitar – if it’s distracting, I bet I do it. Instead of sitting down and dedicating myself to write something of quality, I let my mind wander.

And that’s why I’m so proud of myself for my latest book. I tuned out the distractions and wrote a killer guide on how to use online dating. My interests are always changing, but I can honestly tell you that writing, and to a lesser extent, entrepreneurship, has become my biggest passion. New book ideas are already churning in my head, and now that I wrote one quality book, I know I can do it again. I’m about to start offering coaching again, both in Los Angeles and San Diego, simply because I get so many emails that I end up answering for free – yet all are willing to pay because they know my advice is both good and genuine.

I feel as if this blog has been so close to making that “next step” for a while now, and I figured that was just part of the grind. Maybe though, it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe I just need to pour myself into every damn post that I publish like I did for that book. Putting passion onto paper truly is an incredible feeling.

What are you passtionate about? Do you think you could improve facets of your life if you just put a little more heart and soul into something?

In regards to the release date of my book, I should get it back from editing by next week. By the time I circulate the review copies and build that website, I imagine it will be about mid-February. I had originally planned on releasing it on Valentine’s Day for the symbolism of releasing an “OKCupid” book on “Cupid’s Day”, but since it falls on a Saturday I will not be doing that. Get on my email list if you want to know more about it.

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