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The Ultimate Shit Test to Give a Girl

As mentioned recently, I hit a year with my girlfriend, Holly. Of course, I celebrated the engagement by…

…not really doing anything. Heh.shittest

I mean, I did get her some Christmas presents – four, to be exact. I’m not that terrible of a person. And when I gave her said presents, I told her I didn’t have anything else for her. I was going to get her flowers and a card, but then I ended up staying home “sick” and spending the whole day with her, so that kind of went out the window, too.

But you know what? She didn’t make a big deal out of it. She teased me once or twice, but when I left for work the following morning she was nothing but her usual happy self. My response when she made fun of me?

You get to spend the day with me.

Who says asshole game doesn’t work?

In any case though, the girl really deserves a lot of credit and proves that she truly is someone worth investing my valuable time in.

What are shit tests that YOU have used on girls? Let’s hear it!

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