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How Did You Start The New Year?

I’m writing this on December 30th.

I’m thinking about what is going to take place tomorrow night. I’m heading down to my old stomping grounds in San Diego, and while there’s no definite plan yet, my money is that my group will end up going out and…spending money. Yeah, I’ll probably drink more than I should, sleep later than normal, and probably not be as sharp in the morning as the day before – but I won’t be deadbeat hungover.

Thank goodness I’m not full Asian descent and that I got the drinking genes from the Caucasian side of the family.

I’ll go get some breakfast or brunch with friends, and maybe catch a bit here and there of the football games, but just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean that I’m taking the day off. I never do. I’ll be writing more posts, making some edits to my new book, or working on another project. While most people will be sitting around and nursing their hangover, that’s not good enough for me. Greatness doesn’t sleep.

Neither does modesty, of course.

If you aren’t excited to wake up and start a new day like I’m excited to start this new year, then you need to make some significant changes in your life. No judgment, simple observation. I work hard and play hard, and I love working hard. I’ve already got through Wednesday of next week lined up as far as blog posts, so I’ll have a bit of fun to celebrate the new year, but you have to earn that. Am I perfect? No, I still have a long way to go. I’m not location independent. I make my living being a bitch for other people.

Wake up each day with a purpose and a reason to live. If you didn’t start 2015 like that, then this is the time to get it going. Get in touch if you need help doing so.

In other news, my fellow LA troublemaker Dagonet launched his new site. Go check it out.

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