This Is Trouble Top Ten for 2014 - This Is Trouble

This Is Trouble Top Ten for 2014

Trouble’s Travels XV: The End Of The Road

We arrived in Los Angeles at about 11:15pm, and got back to San Diego around 2:00am after stopping for some much needed Taco Bell (yeah, welcome back to America…).

I was glad to be home. But, a day later all I could think was:

“How can I go back?”

A Test Of Your Game

(Make sure to read the comments).

I’m walking down the street in between my two buddies.  I’m rocking a navy blue blazer, sharp dress shoes, and perfectly groomed facial hair.  As I’m walking, a cute girl makes eye contact with me.  She’s about 5’7″, with a killer body and long, brown hair.  As I walk closer to her, I flash a smile.  She returns it.  As I’m nearing here, about to walk past, she grabs my arm and stops me.  I turn my body slowly, and look at her.

I Couldn’t Go Dark: I Now Have A Girlfriend, And…Said Girlfriend Found My Blog

I will continue to be all of these things.  The overall sassy and vulgar writing style will stay the same.  Obviously, the content will be changing slightly as I adapt from my life of playing the field to (hopefully) happily in a relationship.  I have no doubt I will be learning tons about relationships, and think I am in a unique position to offer some insight – both with being one of the younger writers around here, as well as being one of the few that will be in a monogamous relationship.  Readers, I’m promising you now: this blog will not go defunct with another ‘Sphere writer falling off the grid because he got a bad case ofoneitis.

You have my commitment, much like Holly does.

As long as she doesn’t get fat.

The Easiest Way To Be Sexually Dominant

Society teaches you to ask permission, to make love, and to respect her boundaries. It is said that it’s men, and men only, that are sexually frustrated. This is a myth. However, women have a different kind of sexual frustration. Their frustration does not stem as much from the fact that they can’t any likesome men, but more from the fact that they can’t get sex the way they crave. 

And, in order for women to cure their frustration, they must find a man who is sexually dominant.

What The Fuck Is The Point Of Being A Man?

Nice, nice, nice – does it EVER end?



  1. Was nice and quiet in my youth, didn’t disturb people and didn’t cause chaos
  2. Didn’t pull girls pigtails
  3. Did what everyone told me to do
  4. Listened to others when I was *supposedly* in the wrong, which was nearly every time. After all, I was “young and foolish”
  5. Got good grades
  6. Got a car and a job when I turned 16
  7. Went to college
  8. Got a degree, and in a good field
  9. Got a good job
  10. Worked hard
  11. Bought a nice car to show my status
  12. Moved into a nice apartment and filled it with expensive shit
  13. “Paying my dues” and I know they’ll never be paid

Every Player Has A Hating Women Stage

Every baseball player goes through slumps and hits .180 for a month. Every basketball player has games where he can’t get a single shot to bounce in. Every quarterback has those games where every pass they throw seems to end up in the arms of the opposing defense’s secondary.

The life of the player is not much different.

Women Are Attracted To Men Who Get Pussy, and Men Are Not Attracted To Women Who Get Dick

Women then instinctively know that a man who is attractive to women, i.e. pre-selected, has gone through the path. It means that he most likely has his shit together. It means he has character and hasworked hard. A man will never have the number of women he has slept with held against him, unless it is an extreme case of the girl being a super-religious, and still a virgin. And even then, it still may not matter. While my girlfriend claims to hate how many women I have slept with, she is still thrilled to be with me and certainly has no issue with our sex life.

However, most girls don’t understand why the opposite doesn’t ring true.

A man who fucks lots of girls is more attractive to girls – so a woman who takes a lot of cock MUST be the same!


The True Economic Implications Of Ebola

All seemed well in the medical world until a man by the name of Thomas Eric Duncan landed on US soil, bringing it to the heart of Dallas. Since then, there have been several other infections of the nurses who cared for him, one of whom was allowed to get on a plane. I can see how that call went.

Operator: “Hello, Centers for Disease Control”

Nurse: “Hi, I’m a nurse that cared for a man who died of Ebola last week. You know, the disease that kills over half the people it infects. I’m not feeling well, I think I have a high temperature. I’m about to get on an airplane with a couple hundred innocent people, in a pressurized cabin. Is this okay?”

Operator: “What is your temperature?”

Nurse: “99.5.”

Operator: “Well, Ebola shows signs of manifesting at 100.4 degrees, so you’re good to go!  Never mind the fact that, again, you just cared for a man who died of Ebola and are well within the 21 day gestation period. Have a nice flight.

Oh, and send me some of those Southwest peanuts. They’re delicious.”

Get Laid By Playing Guitar

You don’t have to know how to shred, all you need to know is how to produce a basic melody and sing along (or hum if you don’t sing well). Don’t worry about hitting specific notes on a fret or getting the beat just right, the melody will do.

Those four chords can be transposed to any pitch using a basic capoAlternatively, you can use a pencil and a rubber band to achieve the same effect. The best part about the four chords – you can modify them to make playing them even simpler; you only have to move two fingers at any given point to change chords.

Yes, moving two fingers makes it that easy to get laid by playing guitar.

Lessons One Year Into a Red Pill Relationship

I can honestly say that this last year has been pretty incredible. It has been an eye opening experience to hold down a healthy and fulfilling relationship that holds true to the masculine and feminine balance. My last relationship was not exactly healthy, as I wrote here and here. Once you’ve obtained game and red pill understanding – my goodness, the word relationship is no longer as dread-inducing as it one was. The endless nagging, games, mood swings, and overall bullshit just doesn’t exist in my world.

I love the girl and I’m glad to share what I’ve learned in the year since I’ve been with her.

See you in 2015, fuckers.


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