The Next Few Days Are Prime Days To Get Girls - This Is Trouble

The Next Few Days Are Prime Days To Get Girls

Mark my words, players, the next few days have the potential to be a gold mine. This does depend on the circumstances – the city you live in being the most important. If you went home for the holidays and are stuck in a small town for the next few days, you might have a tough time. If, however, you’re in a big city such as Los Angeles, NYC, or San Diego – listen up.

Christmas really does mark the end of the year for many. New Year’s Eve is the final hoorah, but Christmas truly signals the end of the year and the chance to make amends. And with New Year’s Eve being such a couples holiday, girls start to panic that they won’t have anyone to kiss at midnight. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner too, adding fuel to the fire.

The combination of a new year, the holiday of NYE, and the overall open attitude towards “making changes” makes girls pretty receptive to meeting you, dates, and more.

So, get out there. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

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