Red Pill Christmas and Family - This Is Trouble

Red Pill Christmas and Family

About a year ago, in honor of the holidays, I penned this article over at Return Of Kings. Quick recap:

By the time Grandma B had finished turning my cheeks a brighter shade of red than Rudolph’s nose, I had had enough of her bullshit.

I called her on it.

I looked her dead in the eye, and as silence from the other 15 people in the room enveloped around me very sternly said, “Do not touch me like that again.”  I stood up, grabbed my half-empty bottle of Blue Moon, and walked into the next room to shoot some pool.  Five minutes later, as I’m lining up a difficult shot, in walks my cousin Jayne, screaming:


Slowly rising from my shooting position, I look her in the eye, smirk, and pause for a long three seconds before saying, “Really, Jayne?”  The smirk sets her off into another rant of incoherent womanese between the tears streaming down her face.  I look at her again, scoff, and turn back to the pool table.  I have nothing more to say to someone who is going to act like a child.

It’s kind of ironic that I’m not seeing my cousin Jayne on Christmas this year – due to her side of the family circumstances. Maybe it will resume next year, assuming she can grow up a little bit. As I was remembering this post, it made me think. While I love my family, they certainly don’t agree with all of my Red Pill thought processes. Reliving the situation with Jayne, which was now two years ago, made me think – how far would I let my own, direct family go with bringing me down if they truly hated the way I lived my life?

Jayne and I have not had any more contact other than one meeting since that faithful day two years ago. I stuck through it last Christmas, but we’re reaching the point now where the family is still sheltering her for being an absolute psychopath. She has not apologized to me, and has made it clear she thinks I’m a terrible person for standing up for myself and my family. Yet, I am supposed to just “let it go” because she was in a “weird” place at that time.

That’s unacceptable. I’m a grown ass man now, and people who do not add value to my life are simply not welcome to it. That’s how I live these days. Friends who bring me down are eliminated. Girls, prior to Holly, who brought more headaches than good times were tossed out of the harem like moldy cheese. So why should a cousin, who has made things extremely difficult between our two families, be any different? Am I supposed to be “the bigger man” and apologize to her? To do so would go against everything I have lived for since starting this blog a year and a half ago. To me, family is no different. I love them, but if they truly brought me down, I would have no choice but to move them out of my life.

Christmas is a time when it’s easy to relapse on your mantras. Everyone goes home for the holidays, and I’m well aware I’m not the only Red Pill enlightened man out there will who have to endure criticisms of his life from well-meaning, but ignorant family members.

This post is a reminder to stay strong.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading my blog. I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes me.

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