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Sorry, Ladies, The One Isn’t Sitting Idly Waiting For You

A commenter by the name of DeMedici left a great comment on my post about how Women Are Attracted To Men Who Get Pussy, and Men Are Not Attracted To Women Who Get DickI left out a very valid point that would have made my argument even more valid.

There’s actually a tiny facet of this infinitely well-reasoned argument that I believe needs to be included… the fact that, once the hamster wheel seizes up and grinds to a halt, most women end up crumbling because their entire worldview has collapsed around them. They’ve been told their entire lives that “they can have it all,” that “your soul mate is out there,” that “he won’t REALLY care about your past if he loves you!” But the truth is far more devastating.

On the one hand you have a woman who innately believes that her one-true-love-who-has-Bill-Gates’s-money-Channing-Tatum’s-looks-John-Holmes’s-sex-drive-and-the-power-of-an-emperor is out there, sitting in a Parisian cafe idly stirring his espresso, sighing sadly because he cannot find “the ONE.” But she’s been told (by everyone, even her feminista friends) that when they meet he will instantly love her just for her, no conditions and no questions asked – so why should she actually EXERT herself and learn to be feminine, stay thin, be sweet, etc.?

The truth is far more cruel. Her ONE has no time to even think about her because he’s too busy living his life – pumping iron, jetting to exotic locations, making money and gaining power, and banging a series of 12s half his age. It’s the ultimate irony… the more successful a man is, the less he’s willing to settle. (I’m proof-positive of this dictum – no 12s yet, but someday…) High SMV men don’t need to worry about low SMV women because, in the immortal words of Barney Stinson, “Every day millions of girls turn twenty-one and, God help me Ted, I think they’re getting dumber.” (ed note: my thoughts on sitcoms:

So what’s the point of this long-winded screed? It’s simply this… Don’t worry about your sex life and instead concentrate on becoming the best, most successful you you can possibly become. Or to put it another way – if you build yourself, the pussy will come. (Literally, in some cases.)

Ahh, yes. The delusional state of women that believe that their “one” – who will be perfect for them in every way, as DeMedici said – is actually a guy who will be easy to obtain because she is such a beautiful princess. Most women will go as far as to think that these men will even have a low number of sexual partners themselves; which they lie to themselves turns them on, as evidenced by the last post. Of course, the whole concept of “the one” is simply silly. Having loved a couple of girls, dated dozens more, and many other shenanigans, I can tell you that there is not a singular person, man or woman, or there, that someone can obtain infinite happiness from. The reality is, that out of the billions of people on the planet, there are probably a pretty good handful of them that could make you happy.

Happiness is subjective in its own right though, and even men are told they will find happiness in “the one” – and men are told a cruel lie, too. They are told that destiny, or fate, will find them this dream girl no matter what. They don’t need to take the initiative to get in shape, make money, and actually approach girls. No, society tells them that it will fall into their lap. This usually ends in men settling with someone who will ultimately make them unhappy.

Men and women both want to be with attractive, successful (of course, success is different for men and women) people. Everyone needs to wake up to the realities and realize that successful, happy people, are not sitting around idly. They are doers, not dreamers who do not do.

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