Anger Turns Women On - This Is Trouble

Anger Turns Women On

My most recent post made a round over at Reddit, and had some interesting comments. Among them:

There is nothing wrong with anger IMO. Its what motivates us and I think it helps keep women off the pedestal. Between excessive kindness and anger. Anger will get you laid. It also gives an edgy vibe. Rap music is about women hating for the most part. Women gulp it up. A dismissive form of anger (bitches aint shit) is nothing bad. Its the obsessive, serial killer vibe that should be avoided.

Eh, some women love serial killers. Don’t discredit that attitude just yet.

By calling MGTOW women haters you are just repeating what feminists want.

Some people just don’t see the point in seducing women for short lived gain, and a even less spiritual gain in their eyes. They don’t hate women, rather they avoid them, just like you avoid a enraged pitbull but do not hate pitbulls as a breed.

Raw dog, baby.

I been told I hate women all my life, guess what I never hated women I never been though any hate stages.

In fact when I found out about TRP i was happy, because now I found the “secret” to women.


Indifference, not hate, is the best panty moisturizer.

Alright so first off, let’s back up a bit. Maybe the word “hate” wasn’t the best choice of words for my last post. I could not find a better word to describe it. On top of that, I clearly labeled it as a phase, not a piece of advice to go your own way and just say fuck women altogether, though temping it is. I would never encourage men to truly hate women, but would rather they channel that hate into getting better with women as opposed to pouring that time into video games.

But anger? Oh man. In small doses, anger is a huge turn-on for women.

There is a reason that make-up sex is so hot. Hint: it’s not the talking and making up that causes her vaginal area to gush like Niagra Falls, it’s because of the fighting. Women often start up arguments over petty bullshit, simply so they can get slapped back down to Earth by Daddy. They want to know who is in charge, and you being in charge turns them on.

While I would not encourage men to date girls who are turned on by the extremist actions by men such as Ray Rice and Charles Manson, I would encourage them to occasionally let some anger, sans fists, fly in regards to the women they are dating.

Then, enjoy the make up sex – whether you were right or wrong.

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